Are Blue Cut Lenses Right For Indian Techies? Check What Is Correct.

Short Summary: Blue cut lenses are very popular in India but how effective they are? Some retailers sell them for even Rs 500 to 1000? So they really protect your eyes against blue light? Read the detailed article about the topic.
  • Local opticians usually exhibit a blue laser test to tell the efficacy  of those non colored lenses.
  • When tested under light sensor, result shows that most of those lenses can’t block even 20% blue light.
  • Those clear lenses are actually anti UV lenses instead of anti blue light.
  • Instead of clear blue cut lenses, techies prefer amber lenses to prevent blue light exposure.

Non colored blue cut lenses can not block more than 20% blue light

  • Blue cut lenses are everywhere in India and you will be shocked to know that most of them which are non colored DO NOT block significant amount of blue light.
  • Perhaps you have also been suggested to wear non-colored blue cut lenses due to your heavy usage of digital screens. That is why you are on this page. Right?
  • This is true that screens emit harsh blue light and studies have alarmed about the ill effects of the same but using the right product is equally important.
  • In this article, we have tried to unveil an inside dark tactic which is used very commonly by opticians & optical retail shop owners all over the world to sell the optical products that do not provide much protection against blue light. Some may not like this article after reading this but truth should prevail.

Secret trick of the trade

wrong testing of blue cut lenses

This happens when you visit an optical store :

  1. So you visit an optical retail shop or optician and tell him about your requirement.
  2. The shop owner greets you and asks his junior assistant to bring two different lens types. 
  3. He places them on the table. One of them is a simple anti glare lens and other is blue cut lens.
  4. He pulls out a laser pen from the desk and points the laser one by one on each lens type.
  5. Now the normal lens does not block the blue laser however the one that you are willing to buy and he is willing to sell does seem to block the blue light.

You are now sure that he is selling you the right blue cut lenses and you decide to purchase it.

Reality of laser trick

  • Secret of that trick is that the blue laser pen he used was actually a UV (violet light) laser and not an appropriate blue light torch.
  • Testing card or photo chromatic lenses do not turn dark due to blue light but because of UV light.
  • Those non colored clear lenses might not be much useful for a person who wants protection against blue light.
  • Moreover modern screens emit blue light and not UV rays. Irrespective of the lens brand, it is a fact that non-colored lenses can not block the blue light as much as the amber lenses do.
  • You may call them blue cut lenses but they hardly block 10 to 20% blue light only.

Some sellers also sell their products by showing the same trick on their websites through video.

Non colored blue cut lenses are not unreal but less relevant for computer users

  • Clear blue cut lenses are not fake but block very less amount of blue light.
  • Moreover the laser testing method is inappropriate and result wrongly shows as if the lenses block a lot of blue light.
  • Instead of laser, one can use a simple LED torch that emits only blue light in order to check their efficacy but that is also an informal method.
  • The best and way is to use a spectrometer device which is a scientific device.
  • When you see through a blue light blocking lens, the blue objects appear slightly green but this is not the case with non-colored anti blue light lenses.

Non colored blue cut lenses are best for photo editing professionals

  • Anyone who does not spend much time in front of digital screens and executes color sensitive work on laptop/ mobile like a photo editing professional or graphic designer etc should go for non colored blue cut lenses only as their work is related to colors.
  • Moreover they do block some amount of blue light also.

Always use electronic light sensing device to test the blue cut lenses

  • The most accurate & authentic method to test the blue light transmission of any lens is by using electronic light sensing device.
  • What this device does is it scans the electromagnetic light beam and checks wavelength of the each segment of the light. Local opticians usually don’t have this device as it may require special skill sets to use it.
  • Most of the non colored clear lenses would badly struggle to pass this scientific test.
  • Fortunately in India, we have Zebriana brand lenses that successfully pass this test as well. One may watch the lens testing video by visiting the youtube link 

Amber lenses are best for maximum protection against blue light of screens

  • The only lens type which is scientifically proven to block a significant amount of blue light is amber lens.
  • The view through the amber lenses is yellowish and eye soothing.
  • National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) has published a scientific report on its official website that says Amber lenses block blue light and improve sleep.  
  • Amber lenses are usually made up of fiber material and are colored. 
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