[ Tutorial ] Buying Blue Cut Glasses made easy

So what are blue cut glasses & lenses ?

They are special optical lenses which are meant to block harsh blue light emitted from Laptop, Smartphone screens, LED bulbs etc. Most of the blue cut lenses are made of optical grade plastic.

The term Blue cut is actually innovated by local opticians in India. Technically, you don’t actually “cut” the blue light but “block or filter” it.

In International optical community, such lenses or glasses are known as Blue light blocking or blue light filter glasses or Blue block lenses. Although the reference is for the same product.

Matlab eyeglasses ka aisa lens jo laptop & mobile ki tez blue light ko ankho mai ghusne se rokta hai

Lekin Bro, what is the need of blocking the blue light ? Is it harmful ?

The white light you see around yourself, is a mixture of all colors. So obviously blue light is a part of that white light.

Blue light is harsh and in certain conditions it has strong impact on your body clock. 

Working constantly in front of blue emitting screens like laptop & smartphone can cause sleep difficulty at night and high exposure of blue light from a close distance can even accelerate blindness. Early studies from University of Toledo are signaling so.

Raat ko mobile aur laptop se blue light exposure hoga to sleep difficulty ho sakti hai aur kuch scientific studies ke according blindness accelerate bhi ho sakti hai

Features of blue cut lenses

Mujhe malum hai you want your lenses to be loaded with maximum features.. Don’t worry Heera Milega Heera.. Just keep reading.

Lekin bhai saab ek baat batau ?
There is nothing called as features of blue cut lenses because blue cut or blue light blocking itself is a lens feature.

Nahi samjhe?

Ok, just answer this.
Can you tell the features of your motorbike ? Yes, you can.

Can you tell the features of self-start system in your motorbike ?
No, you can’t because self-start itself is a feature of bike. 

Ab samajh gaye na ? So don’t get confused.

However most of the lenses which have blue light blocking or blue cut feature also have some additional features. Opticians also call these lenses as fully loaded blue cut. Features of them are mentioned below :

Anti Glare feature

Glare forms on the optical surface and causes distraction. Anti glare optical technology reduces the light glare.  Eye experts theoretically recommend to have anti glare lenses.

Practically saying it makes very little visual difference how the world appears through the lenses whether with or without anti glare lenses.

I can bet that 95% of the people won’t be able to tell just by wearing anti glare lenses, whether the glasses had anti glare coating or not.

Anti glare coating certainly beautifies the lens but for a computer user it has little relevance.

Anti Blue Light Feature

Blocking the blue light is important.

These lenses absorb the harsh blue portion of the light and allow other soft colors to enter the eyes.

Obviously these blue cut lenses will block blue light. That is why they are called blue cut lenses. I am not going to write what has already been explained above.

Ek hi baat baar-baar padh kar bore ho jaoge.

Water Repellent or Hydrophobic Feature

Have you ever seen a lotus leaf ? If you put a water drop on it, the drop will slip away and will not let the water stick on its surface. Hydrophobic lenses are similar.

This lens feature may be useful in rainy season when you are outdoors but has very less relevance for computer users.

Unless your laptop is placed in bathroom. Quite unlikely.

Anti UV Light feature

UV light is harmful.
It is invisible and you can not see it. Biggest source of UV light is the Sun.

Eye doctors strongly recommend to wear special Sunglasses that can block this type of harmful radiation.

Do you remember the old CRT monitors ?

1980s and 1990s kids ko pata hoga CRT monitors ke baare mai.
School mai 
minesweeper video game isi par khela hoga aapne.
Yaad hai na ?

They were popular in 90s era. They used to emit UV rays.

So an important question arises. Do mobile & laptop screens still emit UV ?

The answer is No. 

It means UV risk is mainly when you are outdoors.
Blue light is the only matter of concern.

Scratch Resistant Feature

This feature often causes disputes between opticians and customers.

Due to lack of knowledge, many customers often believe or are made to believe by few opticians that blue cut lenses do not get scratched.

The truth is that any optical lens can get scratched. 
None is 100% scratch proof.

Even Diamond, which is the hardest substance on earth can be scratched if you want to.

The term Scratch resistant is legit. It simply means the lens will not get scratched so easily as there is presence of some sort of coating on it.

But remember that scratch resistant is not scratch proof.

“Honestly, baaki features additional hain. Important one is blue light blocking”

Weird magic of Blue block lens test

I swear, isme optician ban jaata hai magician. Chalo iss jaadu ka bhi analysis kar lete hain. “Hocus Pocus Gili Gili Chhu 

So you enter a local optical shop. It is a fancy shop which has been brightened with several LED bulbs.

You start looking here and there inside the shop. Suddenly, the sales man breaks the ice and asks:

Optician: Hi, Can I help you sir?
You: Yes, I am looking for spectacles to protect my eyes against computer & mobile screens.
Optician: We have special lenses called blue cut for that. Let me show you a magic of those lenses.

[He takes out a little torch and a test card from his pocket]

Optician: Pay your attention sir. I am going to point blue light on these lenses and let’s see what happens.
You: Ok. I am excited.
[The blue light passes through the lens and falls on the test card.]

Optician: Those were non blue cut lenses. You can see that the test card has become dark because those ordinary lenses could not block the blue light. Which is a bad sign.
You: Ohh I see
Optician: Now see this
[This time the light does not surpass the blue cut lenses]

Optician: Did you see, the blue light did not pass through at all and test card did not turn dark. So it is good.
You: Ohh yeah. I want those lenses.

Bro Bro Bro.. those clear blue block lenses can not block even 20% blue light

Then how did the lens appear to block torch light ?

Secret is in the torch itself.

1) It does not emit blue light.
2) UV is what mainly comes out of that torch.
3) Those blue cut lenses were actually anti UV lenses. That is why they did not allow the torch light (which contains UV) to pass through.

Lekin, UV is invisible and torch light was blue. What is this mystery ?

There is a powdered substance called Phosphor.

It is applied inside the diode or bulb of the torch. When invisible UV radiation hits this substance, the radiation becomes visible.

It appears like blue light but in reality it is Purple.
Both of these colors look similar but they are completely different.

This light is also called as Black light.

So how to genuinely block more amount of blue light ?

Congrats, aap padhte padhte important section tak pahoch hi gaye.
So let me finally tell you a scientifically proven way about how to block the blue light in a significant manner. Ready?

A university in the United States, named University of Toledo conducted a research to answer the same question mentioned above. They used a lens called Amber lens to find out its blue light blocking efficacy. 

Amber lenses appear softly orangish and the view through them is eye soothing.

The study was conducted on 20 volunteers.

When the study was completed, it turned out that those who wore amber lenses experienced improvement in sleep & over all mood.

It is scientifically concluded that amber lenses block a significant amount of blue light.

Where can I buy best blue light blocking amber lenses in India?

Apne Bharat desh mai sab milta hai. Aur wo bhi ghar baithe.

Few year back, amber lenses were not available in India.

People used to import eyeglasses with this lens type which was a hectic, time consuming & costly method.

However this is 2021 and fortunately, an Indian brand ZEBRIANA is producing Amber lenses in India iself.

Here is the shop link of those blue light blocking amber glasses. They can block as much as 100% blue light but it is recommended to keep it around 70-80% only as blue light is also responsible for mental alertness.

Price ki information

Bahot sasta aur bahot mehenga dono hi galat

You will agree that when we pay less price for a product, there are chances that we will pay the remaining amount by compromising on health & comfort.

Price of blue cut glasses may give a slight hint about the quality of the product. These glasses are available for as low as Rs 200 to as high as 5000.

You have to spot a price somewhere in between.

When a manufacturer makes a genuine pair of blue cut glasses, it costs him money. The cost of durable material, nice coating, good processing, comfortable frame, great workmanship, electricity, rents, taxes and much more. A genuine seller will not offer such product that will cost him loss.

If a product is being offered less than median price, it is a red flag. Be alert.

It is seen that cheap blue cut glasses are hazardous for the eyes. They can easily break. Who would want the public embarrassment if they break while you are wearing them ? So don’t hunt for the cheapest product. It is a matter of your eye health.

Expensive has no limit. Go for expensive if your pocket allows you. However owning expensive glasses don’t mean you will obtain a hawk like vision.

Median price for blue cut glasses in India is roughly around Rs 1000-2000.

Green lens coating vs Blue lens coating

Kaunsi coating zyada blue light block karegi ? Aao dekhein zara

Different people often have different opinion on this matter. Some believe green coating is better while other say blue coating is better.

They are often told by the opticians that blue coating is an evidence that the lens is blocking the blue light. 

However reality is that color of the reflective coating has nothing much to do with blue light blocking capability of the lens.

Most of the lenses have this capability embedded in the lens material itself and color of the coating is just for cosmetic purpose.

Conclusion of the matter in 3 points

Kahani ka conclusion samajhna zaruri hai. Especially, agar aap bina padhe bas scroll down karte gaye. Ye poore tutorial ka amrit hai.

  1. Blue light has negative impact in certain conditions and wearing blue cut lenses may be helpful.
  2. Blue cut lenses are of two types:
    1) Clear or crystalline lenses (non colored)
    2) Amber lenses (Orange appearance)
  3. Clear lenses can hardly block 20% blue light. However Amber lenses can block more than 4 times blue light as compared to crystalline lenses.