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Computer Glasses - Bilkul Aasaan Language Mai

This easy guide about Computer Glasses will help you take better buying decision.

Neglecting any part of this guide, may poorly impact your experience with the eye protection glasses which you are planning to own.

So read each sentence carefully.

Computer glasses are made-up of mainly 2 parts.

1) Lenses
2) Frames



Obviously, Ye baat to chhota baccha bhi jaanta hai. Lekin direct tricky part se start karunga to aap confuse ho sakte ho. Brick by Brick hi building banti hai dost. Ab aage padho.



A good pair of computer glasses should be comfortable. It should not cause any type of injury on nose or eyes.

A person who wears it should be able to work for long hours in front of laptop or mobile screens. You agree with it. Right ?

In order to make everything right, both main parts i.e lenses & frames should be engineered in such a manner so that maximum level of visual comfort & protection is achieved.

It means the goal of wearing computer eyeglasses is :

1) To achieve eye comfort
2) To get maximum eye protection

How computer glasses are different from ordinary eyeglasses ?

A big difference between ordinary spectacles and computer glasses is that the later one is  optimized for computer users. 

Moreover ordinary spectacles do not fulfill the two goals mentioned above.

5 Qualities of a good pair of computer glasses are:

  • Overall light weight
  • Ability to focus better
  • Block harsh screen light
  • Should prevent digital eye strain
  • Should improve screen contrast

What to expect from frames of computer glasses ?

✓ Should sit well on the nose
✓ Should not imprint marks on the nose
✓ Should have a good alignment
✓ Should have a good gentle grip on skull
✓ Should hold the lenses very well

What to expect from lenses of computer glasses ?

✓ Should have high clarity
✓ Should not scatter light
✓ Should block harsh blue light
✓ Should improve screen contrast
✓ Should not be fragile or weak

You are going to become a master about the same within few minutes from now.

Are you ready ?


clear lens vs amber lens for computer glasses


Lens typeBlue blockingUsageImage
Clear Lens20%average
Amber Lens80-90%high

Great yaar !! Ye amber lens to bahot zyada blue light block karta hai.

Discussion about lens types for computer glasses

Lenses are the soul of computer glasses. There are two primary types of optical lenses for computer users. Let’s understand one by one about each lens type.

  1. BLUE CUT CLEAR LENS – They are non colored and extremely common in Indian optical market. Clear lenses have two other names also like blue cut lenses, crystalline lenses.

    No matter what we name them but the reality is that they unfortunately block very less amount of blue light and hence not much useful to prevent problems like sleep & bio rhythm.

  2. AMBER LENS (ADVANCED) – They are yellowish and provide high level of protection against harsh blue light. Few years back, this optical lens technology for computer users was available in western countries only.

    After a research university in the United states gave green signal to amber lenses, Indian brand Zebriana immediately started working to introduce that technology in India.

Matlab, jo clear lenses hote hain vo unhi ke liye sahi hain jinko blue light exposure kam hota hai ya vo log laptop & mobile par zyada kaam nahi karte.

Agar protection level Dara Singh jaisa tagda chahiye to Amber lenses hi best hain.


Library TempleStraightuseful for gamers
Skull Templebend behind the earsmost common

Discussion about temple shape of computer glasses
Side sticks of the eyeglasses that sit just above the ears are called temples.
skull temples library temples of computer glasses

  1. Library temples

    They are straight in shape. Usually they hold the head with the help of spring mechanism in the hinges.

    The overall appearance of such computer glasses is extremely sporty.

    Usually video gamers prefer eyeglasses with library temples as large headphones can easily be worn over such models.

    Theoretically it is believed that they don’t have much grip on the skull and the risk of fall is higher due to the absence of bend.

    Although it is not always necessary as long as the overall fit of the eyewear is good.

    Ye library temples seedhe hote hain aapke aur mere swabhaav ki tereh. Video gamers library temples wale frames ko prefer karte hain kyuki normal temples kabhi kabhi hil jaate hain bade wale headphones lagane se.

  2. Skull temples

    They are bent downwards behind the ears and most conventional style frames. This style has lesser risk of falling the eyeglasses from the skull while you read or look downward.

    Those who wear large headphones sometimes have to reposition or adjust the computer glasses with skull temples.

    However while writing this post I am wearing a large headphone and not facing any problem at all with my skull temple eyeglasses. 

    Ye style to dada ji ke bhi pitaji ke time se aaj tak chal raha hai aur aage bhi chalte rehne wala hai. Kyuki skull temples Comfortable bhi hote hain aur khopdi par acchi pakad karte hain.



Discussion about frame material of computer glasses

For computer & mobile users, frame material is an important factor while buying computer glasses. It helps to set an expectation about life & comfort of the product.

Let’s discuss broadly about some common materials of optical frames.

  1. Metal frame

    Steel, Alloy, Aluminum, Iron, Titanium are some substances that are used to make metal frames. Needless to mention that metal is strong and long lasting.


    The only problem with metal frames is that they are heavier & prone to get affected by corrosion as compared to other materials.

    Light weight metal frame materials like Titanium are very expensive. One should remain careful about titanium coating & titanium material.

    Computer users usually prefer frame materials other other than metal. In terms of comfort, the metal frames don’t lead the race.

    Metal hai bhai.. mazboot to hoga hi. Lekin agar iska wazan aur corrosion (jung) sehen kar sako to bilkul lelo. Waise kuch mix material wale frames bhi hote hain jinka kuch hissa plastic aur baaki metal se bana hota hai. Vo wazan mei halke bhi hote hain. Aisa bhi nahi hai ki saare metal frames heavy hi honge. Lekin jo halke honge wo thode pricey ho sakte hain. 


  2. TR frame

    TR is a plastic species. They are usually flexible, durable & light weight. This material can turn out to be a good choice if you spend hours in front of digital screens.

    They are usually marketed as unbreakable frames. It is believed that they don’t break even if you sit on them. Although this is an exaggeration. They can certainly break if you sit on them.

    tr90 frames flexible bend

    Alert about TR frames
    : To exhibit the durability of TR frames, some sellers twist & bend the frames. However this is secretly done in a particular direction only.  If you don’t know how exactly it is done, you will end up breaking your TR frame.

    Conclusion about TR frames is that they are certainly good & comfortable for computer users but don’t set wrong expectation about its ability to withstand any external force. 

    Kuch shopkeepers TR frame ke sath kuch bhi kartab karke dikha dete hain..Lol.. Waise TR frame ko modne-todne ka risk aap khareedne ke baad please mat uthaana. Chashma toot jayega to “physical damage induced by customer” ke against koi guarantee nahi hoti market mai. Lekin haan, ye flexible to hote hain.

  3. Acetate frame

    Acetate is extracted from plants & wood pulps. This frame material is extremely smooth, durable and classy. The optical frames made up of acetate material are actually cut out from large acetate sheets.

    acetate frame for computer glasses

    Computer glasses with acetate material is most preferred option for those who spend extended hours in front of digital screens. 

    They are always in high demand as they don’t cause any irritation or allergy even if someone wears them for long period of time.

    Genuine pair of computer glasses with acetate frame usually have a longer life.

    Unlike other types of plastic frames, acetate frames usually do not break by itself. You may have to work a little hard to break them.

    Bhaisaab, ye baat sach hai ki acetate frame material aapka best friend hai. Jab tak aap isko todoge nahi ye tootega nahi. Natural product se banta hai isliye allergy bhi nahi karta. Lens bhi iske andar kafi stable rehta hai.


Nose Pad TypeMarks on noseNasal Injury
AdjustableHigh chancesCommon

nose pads for computer glasses
Discussion about nose pads of computer glasses
Nose pads are meant to enable a nice grip & prevent slippage of spectacles from the nose. 

Will you spend the whole day rubbing your nose to relieve the nasal tension ? or will you work comfortably in front of digital screens? Nose pads will decide it.

Here are two main types of nose pads:-

nose pads computer glasses

  1. Adjustable nose pads

    They are usually attached to the metal frames only. A thin flexible metal wire is used to connect the frame body and nose pads.

    Good adjustable nose pads are actually made up of silicon material. Silicon nose pads are soft & skin friendly. Theoretically, adjustable silicon nose pads don’t not cause discomfort.

    Alert about adjustable nose pads
    : In some cases adjustable nose pads create marks on the nose. Various factors like improper adjustment or weight of the overall frame are usually cause of such issue.

    If you encounter this problem then it is best to get them adjusted by visiting an optician or by gently pressing the nose pads away from the nose as per your comfort.

    Nose pads on fresh pair of computer glasses are soft & comfort but with time, these nose pads may become hard. In such a case, it is possible to change them. 

  2. Attached / fixed nose rests

    They can not be adjusted but still are most preferred by tech community. There will be very less chances that such fixed nose rests will cause problems like marks on the nose or nasal pain.

    The frames, on which fixed nose rests are attached are usually made up of plastic or acetate. You will hardly find any plastic frame which has adjustable nose pads.

    Naturally, such plastic frames are light weight. Other than that, fixed nose rest sit quite well the nose of most of the wearers.

    This may be a reason why people find such nose rests more comfortable.

    Waise maximum log ajkal fixed nose rest lete hain. Lekin kuch log adjustable wale nosepads ke siwa kuch aur nahi lete. Choice ki baat hai beedu.


Computer Glasses for Men

Men are the Kings. They rule the world. They rule the technology.

Look at the chart below. You will observe that most of the facebook users are men in every age group. This is just a small example that most of the internet & technology users are men and their eyes must be provided with necessary protection & comfort.

Due to the effect of a hormone called testosterone, men become different from women. The jaw becomes heavier, nose bone becomes slightly bigger than earlier age and more noteworthy.

These unique features require something that would suit the wearer. Nobody would appreciate a man wearing girlish computer glasses.

Here are some tips to buy computer glasses for men’s face shape :-

computer glasses for men

  • Go against your face shape
    It simply means picking a frame shape opposite to your own face shape. We will understand it more.

    But how do I judge my own face shape ?


    This is very simple.

    Just stand in front of a mirror. Observe your face carefully.

    Now, do you think your face is angular ?
    Or is it mainly round and have flat features ?

    – If it is round & flat (round chin, no clear jawline) then go for an angular frame. What is an angular frame? Obviously the one which has sharp angles.

    rectangular computer glasses

    In simple words, go for either square or rectangular frame if your face is flattish or non-angular.

    – On the other hand, if your face is angular. For example face with sharp jawline, tapered or narrow chin, sharp nose then round frame would be best for you.

  • Rule of skin color contrast

    Under this rule, you have to pick a frame which is opposite to your skin color complexion.

    – If your skin color is dark then go for bright colored frame.
    – If your skin is light & fair then dark & dull colored frames would make you look classy.

    There can be tons of factors that may be used to decide about a pair of computer glasses for men but remember one golden mantra mentioned below:-


    Frankly saying, style makers have tons of reasons to justify their job.

    As a computer user, it is best not to get too much into never ending factors like hair color, skin tone, beard style, hair style, color of cloths, occasion etc to buy a pair of computer eyeglasses.

    This will only lead to paralyzed decision making.

    In case you can’t make out what is your face type then remember that frames with rectangular front are acceptable on every face type and don’t cause fashion mistake.

    You may confidently go for it.

    But it is very important to stick to some important basics of buying computer glasses which have discussed below.


  1. Zero Power Computer Glasses

    Such computer glasses have zero or no optical power. They can be worn by any person with normal vision who is experiencing symptoms of digital eye strain (DES).

    They don’t shift the light focus inside the eye. It is ensured that zero powered lenses are chemically treated to achieve the blue light blocking capability. These glasses can be helpful to alleviate eye strain.

    Sometimes they are also treated with UV coating to help block the ultra violet rays.

    However the fact is that such coating is not necessary in front of computer & mobile phones as they don’t emit these rays.

    It should be noted that anti UV coating on eyeglasses is important for outdoor activities.

  2. Prescription or Power Computer Glasses

    This type of computer glasses have refractive power. It simply means that prescription computer glasses can bend the light or shift the focus of the light inside the eyes.

    They are prescribed by an ophthalmologist or optometrist.

    If you have been prescribed with some lens power then it means that your eyes are not naturally focusing the light properly on the Retina.

    Wearing prescription computer glasses can really make things look clearer & sharper.

  3. Magnified or Reading computer glasses

    Your eyes have a natural lens.

    The natural lens contracts and thickens when you see or read something at close range.

    By constantly reading on the screen the muscles around that natural lens get stressed & fatigued.

    So can we do something to relax or outsource the work of those natural eye lenses ? Yes we can wear computer glasses with magnified lenses.

    They also have a lens power. This unique lens type magnifies & enlarges the screen text.

    By using magnified computer glasses, the natural lens of your eyes don’t have to make much efforts and flex its associated muscle called Ciliary muscles.

    As a result your eyes don’t get much strained, you feel energetic and your overall productivity don’t take a negative hit.

    How to decide about the strength of magnification ?


    First of all your natural vision should be normal for this.

    Most of the people start with +0.25 SPH (both eyes) or +0.50 SPH (both eyes). This works wonderfully to improve the focus.

    Remember, the more magnification you add, the closer you will have to sit in front of the screen.

    So as a first timer it is best to go for a lesser value like +0.25

    Usually doctor’s prescription is not necessary to buy magnified computer glasses or reading computer glasses but it is always recommended to consult with an ophthalmologist about any eye related decision.


Lens material can decide the Life, Weight and Protectiveness of the computer glasses.

An amateur user may believe that all lens materials are same but that is not true.

Let’s understand the difference. 

  1. Glass Lens Material

    In Hindi language we call it Kaanch (काँच ).

    This material is made up of Silica.

    Optical lenses made up of glass material are often heavier than plastic.

    Also they are fragile and just one handling mistake can cost you at least a few thousand rupees.

    Since glass lenses are heavy, the likelihood of marks & injury on nose is also high.

    Clarity :
    They have high optical clarity and they are highly scratch resistant.

    Safety: Forget about the safety with this material. In fact they are dangerous for the eyes and these days you will rarely find a person wearing eyeglasses with glass material optical lenses.

    Relevance of glass material lenses in computer glasses :

    Gone are the days when our grandfathers used to wear thick reading eyeglasses with glass material lenses, for few minutes of newspaper reading or letter writing.

    Modern technology users have to spend not just few minutes but many hours a day in front of digital screen. In such a scenario we can’t expect them to wear heavy glass material lenses which can potentially injure them or at least give discomfort.

    So why would a computer or mobile user use glass material lenses in computer glasses ? It makes no sense.

  2. Plastic Lens Material

    Plastic lenses are most popular and roughly 99% of the optical market is flooded with them.

    They are light weight and have good chances of survival even if they accidentally fall from your computer table.

    They weigh half than glass material and as a result the possibility of nasal injury/ nasal marks etc is also very less.

    Clarity of plastic lenses : Plastic lenses also have high optical clarity provided you don’t get fancied by thin lens marketing.

    Don’t fall into thin lens trap :

    Optical sellers often suggest computer users to buy thin lenses. They are also known as high index lenses.

    It is seen that people spend several thousands to buy such thin lenses.

    A customer should understand that thin plastic lenses have low abbe value. It simply means thin lenses scatter a lot of light which causes a clarity problem called Chromatic aberration.

    Such thin lenses are relevant only for those who have very poor vision and prescribed with strong a lens power.

    Conclusion about plastic lenses :
    If your lens power is between 0.00 to -5.00 SPH then try to stick to standard CR plastic lenses which have abbe value of around 58.

    If you don’t know what to do then it is best to leave this decision to the one who is qualified enough to prepare your eyeglasses.

    Patle lenses usi ko lene chahiye jiski lens power bahot high hai aur frame ki height bhi zyada hai. Otherwise patla lens pehli preference nahi honi chahiye kyuki isme thoda sa clarity issue bhi hota hai. Lekin ye baat aapko opticians nahi batate.


One word answer is ‘Yes’.

Computer glasses are recommended by qualified eye doctors all across the world. 

Multiple scientific studies have evaluated the efficacy of computer glasses.


  1. One of such studies was conducted at Ohio state university in the United States to know the efficacy of computer glasses in reduction of computer worker syndrome. In the result, 24 out of 26 participants admitted that computer glasses are effective in reduction of vision related symptoms of computer users.

  2. Your screen flicker or blink at very high pace. This flicker causes eye strain & headache. A study conducted at Keio University School of Medicine, Japan concluded that blue light blocking lenses can reduce the eye strain caused due to screen flickering.

  3. Another research conducted at University of Toledo concluded that use of amber lenses in eyeglasses can significantly block the blue light and improve sleep quality.

Millions of computer users across the world benefit from computer glasses. If you spend extended hours in front of laptop or mobile screen then it certainly makes sense to have a pair of these eyeglasses.

Comfort hoga tabhi hum bina jaldi thake zyada waqt tak kaam kar paenge. Yehi reason hai ki log computer glasses istemaal karte hain.



Optical markets of India are flooded with tons of eyewear that claim to be computer glasses. Many of them may be hazardous for the eyes as they do not follow any optical standard.

Roughly 90% optical shop owners don’t have any formal training about eyewear. As a result the consumer doesn’t get proper guidance how he can prevent the digital eye strain by computer glasses.

In India, Zebriana is an eyewear brand. It focuses completely on special type of eyeglasses that are known to prevent the symptoms of Computer Vision Sydrome (CVS) or Eye Strain.


Zebriana provides computer glasses with both types of lenses:-

Clear Lens (for average usage)
Amber Lens (for heavy usage)

[Update 24 July 2021]
For better eye protection, Zebriana has launched a new type of computer glasses.

It has a unique lens curvature to lock the eye moisture inside. Moreover, it has 4 stops adjustable temples that can be worn by even a 10 years old kid or a 50 years old adult.

This newly introduced model named Retinoshield is equipped with Amber lens technology with blue light blocking capability. Product is extremely affordable and available for less than INR 1000.

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