Buying Computer Protection Glasses Online In India For Men & Women

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An IT professional wearing high usage computer glasses with amber lens type

I assume that You are from India and have landed on this page to gain some actionable information for buying a nice pair of computer glasses online or offline. You could be a male or female, a software programmer, a blogger, a gaming enthusiast, an Internet marketer, an official who works on spreadsheets & PowerPoint presentation or just a general computer user who uses technology for socializing. Your concern about eye safety in front of various digital screens is quite sensible. A good number of scientific researches all over the world have concluded that rays that are emitted from the digital screens posses a risk to the eyes. Hence it becomes absolutely important to control the amount of time that is spent on computer & mobile phones or at least wear a strong protective shield in front of the eyes. 

Now read these 7 basic tips to smartly buy the computer glasses online:-
No matter if you are a layman and do not have any knowledge about the eyeglasses or never worn eyeglasses ever in your life, the below-mentioned points would still ensure that you get the best protective ocular device on the computer table or workstation.

1) Modern screens emit more blue light and less of UV light
It is observed that most of the consumers are more concerned about the Ultra violet (UV) light protection in their computer glasses. The fact is that modern screens emit negligible to no amount of UV light. Blue light is considered as the actual culprit for computer users. Screen light is a mixture of various spectrum but among those, only the blue spectrum is the most intense. Science says that the blue light is even more penetrative than the Ultra violet light and reaches the back of our eyes. Some reports also claim that this strong ray can also cause serious eye problems like macular-degeneration or vision loss.

2) Acetate is the most preferred frame material for computer users
Plastic, Metal and Wood are three prime frame materials in optical industry. Most of the people prefer Acetate as it is light weight, non-allergic and durable. It appears like plastic but is a durable version of plastic. A genuine pair of acetate frame has an average life of at least 1 year with proper handling. They are cut-out from an acetate sheet and hence also known as sheet-frames. Interestingly, most of the acetate frame parts are assembled manually by hand. Although it is not a rule of thumb but a computer user may prefer acetate frame because of its anti-allergic and light weight nature. It helps to provide better comfort 

3) Prefer fiber lens material instead of transparent glass
Glass material is not as effective as fiber lens material in terms of blocking the various rays. Moreover it is brittle, don’t block rays and has a very small life span. With just a little negligence or accident if your glasses fall from the table, they can become useless. Moreover there is no concept of glass lens material in computer glasses. Wearing eyeglasses with such lens type is like using a black & white screen television in the age of LED & smartphones. There has been a huge paradigm shift towards the fiber lenses. The only major advantage with glass material is that it is difficult for it to get scratched as compared to fiber. Still it is a no-brainer to go for fiber lenses only if you are a computer user as glass can not block most of the screen rays.

4) Prefer ophthalmologists over opticians for eye testing
This is a very common practice with most of the people who don’t have much knowledge about this field. They get their eyes tested by visiting a local optician and have them write a prescription which is wrong. One should always prefer an ophthalmologist or an optometrist. Both are considered as eye doctors and can prescribe lens power. Ophthalmologists are highly trained medical professionals and can carry-out eye surgeries also. None other than these two competent specialists can write prescriptions. Sometimes vision problem could be a result of a medical condition instead of a simple eye-refraction. A doctor can take good care of medical problems. On the other hand, an optician can only provide you the eyeglasses as prescribed by the eye doctor but it is seen in India that some opticians also do perform eye check-ups also. Such prescriptions are illegal and not valid. The patient himself is considered liable for any problem that may arise as a result of this. So one has to be careful about choosing an eye specialist.

5) Prefer anti blue light lenses instead of simple anti reflective lenses
I mentioned in the Point #1 above that it is the blue light which is main culprit. It is the strongest portion in the light spectrum and is highly penetrative. With the inception of computer & smartphones, it became important to develop the optical technology as well. Hence anti blue light lenses were evolved. These are made up of fiber material and have several special external coatings to block the strong rays of computer & mobile phones. Earlier to this invention, optical shops were full of simple reflective glasses. Unfortunately anti reflective glasses do not completely solve the purpose of a computer user. The actual function of any anti reflective material is to allow the maximum light to pass through it in order to enable better optics. It is an optional but recommended feature in the eye-wear lenses. Most of the anti blue light lenses do have anti reflective feature as well.

6) Magnified computer glasses can be preferred for screen reading
Earlier people used to wear magnified eyeglasses for newspaper or book reading but now people no longer read paper books and prefer e-books instead. The same concept applies here. Slight magnification up to + 0.25 or + 0.50 dioptres may help focusing better on the computer or mobile screen. Although the only negative with this concept is that few people may experience mild headache initially but that goes away within few hours to maximum a week. Such reading glasses with slight magnification can easily be opted without any doubt but theoretically the amount of power to the added in the lenses should be decided only by an eye doctor only. You should note that these glasses have positive power and hence should not be worn outdoors or for distant viewing purpose. Driving should be completely avoided after wearing magnified computer glasses.

7) Prefer legitimate brands instead of unbranded plastic
Where to buy computer glasses is a question that is asked quite an often on various platforms. Whether online or offline, there are thousands of unbranded stuffs available in the name of computer glasses in India’s optical market. It is commonly observed that unbranded or cheap eye-wear products do not follow any optical regulation. This can be extremely harmful for your eyes. One should avoid hunting for the cheapest material. Everything has a cost and by using a cheap stuff one is likely to pay the price on the cost of his/her own precious eyes. A widely known phrase in optical world says that it is better not to wear eyeglasses at all instead of wearing something which does not follow any health standard or regulation. A rule of thumb is to stick to branded computer glasses only. Zebriana® is a registered brand of computer glasses in India that provides its own products through online mode. Products decently priced and appropriate for those who spend extended hours in front of digital screens.

8) Prefer Amber lenses if you are a computer user
There are mainly 2 types of lenses you are offered for computer viewing.
i) Amber Lenses – colored
ii) Clear Lenses – non colored
Although both lens types are appropriate for computer users but most of the IT professionals prefer amber lenses as they have scientific backbone and provide very fast relief from eye strain & other symptoms of CVS (computer vision syndrome). The are orange in color and provide relief in eye strain. According to a scientific research amber lenses not only block the blue light but also improve sleep & mood. As per the internal statistics of Zebriana®, it is now very clear that the trend is shifting towards the amber computer glasses. For better understanding about this, you may check the lens type page.

Now lets talk about some frequent questions related to computer glasses.

✓ What are the various qualities of lenses used in computer glasses ?
Answer: This depends on multiple factors including your prescription, lens type and material. The possible features are Anti reflective, Hydrophobic, Impact Resistant, Scratch Resistant, Anti blue light, Anti UV, Electro-Magnetic Interference (E.M.I) etc. It should be noted that in certain cases, bringing all these features in a single lens may not be possible.

✓ Why should I opt for amber computer glasses instead of normal ones?
Answer: Normal glasses can correct the refractive error but usually are not practically that effective for a computer user. Most of the IT professionals would admit that amber lenses alleviate the eye fatigue & eye strain. Moreover amber lenses not only correct the refractive error of the eyes (if any) but also improve the screen contrast and reduce the dazzling light coming from the screen.

✓ My eyesight is normal. What type of computer glasses should I wear ?
Answer: Zero power or plano lenses are specially engineered for those who don’t have any refractive error (near sightedness or far sightedness) in their eyes. These lenses have no corrective power and are safe for the eyes. The only thing you have to keep in mind that you do not have to wear glasses with demo lenses. Those lenses must be replaced with real lenses.

✓ Doctor has prescribed me a lens power. Can prescription computer glasses be made ?
Answer: Absolutely, prescription computer glasses are very common. In roughly 90% of the cases there should not be any problem making computer glasses with the provided prescription but only in certain cases where the person has high lens power of more than 8 SPH or has multi-focal prescription type (both near/ distant refractive error), some technical challenges may occur. Consult with the seller by furnishing a copy of your prescription before placing the order. This will eliminate the chances of delays and disputes. In India, Zebriana® brand does provide prescription computer glasses at no extra cost whereas almost all brands charge extra for the same.

✓ I have both near & distant vision issues. What type of computer glasses should I go for ?
Answer: This condition is called presbyopia. There are 2 options in such case i.e Multi focal progressive computer glasses and bifocal computer glasses. Progressive ones are the improved versions of bifocals. Unlike bifocals, computer glasses with progressive lenses do not have the diving line. As a result the view does not jump when you change the focus from distance to near or vice versa. One should prefer to go for progressive lenses but in case if you have CYL value in your multi focal prescription then it might not be possible to make computer glasses with progressive lenses. Bifocal should be opted in that case.