400% Better Computer Glasses Can Be Bought Online in India By Following These Suggestions

Short Summary: Buying a pair of eyeglasses is an art that comes with either experience or right guidance. Internet is flooded with too much scattered information. In this article you will learn how exactly you have to buy a pair of computer eyeglasses that will also help you protect eyes from mobile.

We are assuming that you know very little or nothing about the computer glasses. In this article we have tried to cover all possible insights that are useful while buying the computer glasses in India whether online or offline. 

We have also answered some basic questions which are very common like how helpful are computer glasses, the best way to check computer glasses, Which lenses are best that provide maximum protection against computer & mobile screen and also how to order computer glasses online. 

After understanding the content provided here you will be able to make a better decision to reduce the blue light exposure due to digital screens and prevent the effect of computer vision syndrome.

Blue Light Of Screen Could Accelerate Blindness ?

Not all animals kill humans but still they may harm in certain scenarios. Similarly blue light may or may not make you blind but it is harmful in certain scenarios. Some prominent research institutes conducted researches which has been mentioned below:

  • A scientific research conducted at University of Toledo concluded that blue light can accelerate blindness by killing the photo receptor cells of the retina. Once the cells are dead they are dead forever. 
  • Schepens Eye Institute also said that blue light may lead to AMD which is a leading cause of blindness.
  • Study at Harvard also clearly signaled that blue light has a dark side. This portion of the light spectrum is so potent that it can even make you stay awake at night.

 Although this is a matter of further research but this is for sure that blue light is the most harsh portion of the light spectrum. It is not intelligent to wait for decades of never ending studies on blue light. People agree that close proximity of mobile & laptop screens is questionable. So it is best to stay in the safer side without risking the organs which are important to see the beautiful world. All you need to do is wear a pair of glasses that can help prevent blue light exposure.

Modern Screens emit blue light and not Emit UV Light

“Son, Don’t watch TV for long hours. It is not good for your eyes”.  Those were the days when all mothers used to rightly caution the kids. Although fun fact is that most of the mothers might not be aware of the root cause of their own advisory and we as a kid never asked about it. 

  • It is observed that most of the consumers are more concerned about the Ultra violet (UV) light protection in their computer glasses but the thing is that only old CRT monitors used to produce some amount of UV light. There is a Good news that modern screens emit negligible to no amount of UV light.
  • Wearing UV protection glasses for computer is like wearing a motorbike’s helmet at home. Blue light is considered as the actual culprit for computer users. Screen light is a mixture of various colors but among those, only the blue color is the most intense. 
  • Science says that the blue light is even more penetrative than the Ultra violet light and reaches the back of our eyes. Our eye’s natural lens can block some amount of UV but it is incapable of blocking the blue light.
  • Some reports also claim that in certain cases this strong ray can also cause serious eye problems like macular-degeneration or vision loss. UV protected glasses are important when you are under the sun rays. It may be completely OK if your computer glasses do not have UV protection but blue light protection is what you must look for.

Fiber Lens Material Is Better Than Glass

Glass material (कांच or Kaanch in hindi) used to be the only option for our parents. Probably they would know more a lot about it. Although it had good optical clarity but unfortunately there are tons of disadvantages associated with the lens made of glass. 

  • It is not as effective as fiber lens material in terms of blocking the light rays.
  • Moreover it is brittle, does not block rays and has a very small life span. With just a little negligence or by accident if your glasses fall from the table and they can become useless.
  • A huge drawback of glass lens is its weight. No body in today’s world of comfort would like to wear heavy stuff on the nose. It is almost more than twice heavier than fiber.
  • Moreover there is no concept of glass lens material in blue light blocking computer glasses. Wearing eyeglasses with such lens type is like using a black & white screen television in the age of LED & smartphones. There has been a huge paradigm shift towards the fiber lenses.

The only major advantage with glass material is that it is difficult for it to get scratched as compared to fiber. Still it is a no-brainer to go for fiber lenses if you are a computer user, as glass material can not block most of the screen rays.

So who should get glass material lenses incorporated in the eyeglasses ? The answer is straight. If having Vintage products is in your list of hobbies and if you don’t care about blue light exposure. Otherwise fiber lenses are the choice of 99% of the world’s population.

Prefer doctors and not opticians for eye checkup

prefer eye doctor instead of local optician

A very common practice seen in India is that they get their eyes tested by visiting a local optician and have them write a prescription. This is is wrong and illegal.

  • One should always prefer an ophthalmologist or an optometrist. Both have the legal authority to prescribe lens power. Ophthalmologists are highly trained medical professionals and can carry-out eye surgeries also. None other than these two competent specialists can write prescriptions. 
  • If you are seeing blurry it does not necessarily mean that you have refractive error in the eyes or the shape of your eye balls is irregular. Sometimes vision problem could be a result of a medical condition or disease instead of a simple eye-refraction. A doctor can take good care of medical problems.
  • On the other hand, an optician can only provide you the eyeglasses as prescribed by the eye doctor but it is seen in India that some opticians (sellers) also do perform eye check-ups. Such prescriptions could be harmful, illegal and invalid. In such cases, the patient himself is considered liable for any problem that may arise as a result of this. So one has to be careful about choosing an eye specialist. 

Need more understanding on eye checkup ?

Let’s say you are unable to see clearly and visited an optometrist.

He will check how well your eyes are bending the light. He finds some refractive error and writes it on prescription. Then you visit an ophthalmologist and after a thorough examination, it is concluded that there is some infection in your eyes due to which you are unable to see clearly. Instead of providing you a strong prescription for eyeglasses he just gives you an eye drop which resolves the issue within 3 days. So which option made sense to you?

Magnified computer glasses can improve your FOCUS

You will agree that most of the times you lean forward and flex your eye muscles to focus on the text written in the screen. Adding a little magnification helps you to read the text on screen in a more comfortable manner and that too without leaning forward towards the screen. 

  • If your eye sight is normal but you feel eye strain only in front of digital screens then you may choose to have magnified lenses. All you need to do is ask for +0.25 SPH or +0.50 SPH power in the computer glasses. +0.50 would provide more magnification as compared to +0.25 SPH. If you have never wear magnified computer reading glasses then go for mild magnification of +0.25 only. Make sure you ask for positive value and not negative value because +0.25 is not same as -0.25.
  • You can wear these glasses all the time and don’t worry you will not become dependent on these lenses. One important thing to kept in mind is that you should use magnified computer eyeglasses for indoor purposes only. Wearing them outside and especially while driving could be dangerous as objects appears slightly bigger. Can you read paper books while wearing these glasses ? Yes you can.

Acetate & TR90 are best frame materials

computer glasses by Zebriana

Plastic, Metal and Wood are three prime frame materials in optical industry. Most of the people prefer Acetate as it is light weight, non-allergic and durable. It appears like plastic but is a durable version of plastic. 

A genuine pair of acetate frame has an average life of roughly 4 to 5 years with proper handling. They are cut-out from a large acetate sheet and hence also known as sheet-frames. Interestingly, most of the acetate frame parts are assembled manually by hand. 

Although it is not a rule of thumb but a computer users usually prefer acetate frame because of its anti-allergic and light weight nature. One great quality of acetate frames is that they don’t lose the shine so easily. If a wearer is not negligent, then there are good chances that these frames will last for decades. 

An alternate to acetate frame is TR90 & polymer which are also long lasting & flexible. It is observed that most of the CEO’s, IT professionals, reputed class one officers prefer this frame material. 

Unfortunately you will hardly find acetate frame in most of the Indian optical stores due to the high cost. Ordinary plastic frames get broken easily even by the pressure of the tight lenses. Strength is the primary feature of acetate frames and hence they can be considered as safer as compared to ordinary plastic.

Branded glasses maintain standards

  • Where to buy computer glasses is a question that is asked quite an often on various platforms. Even though now you have a checklist that you can use while buying spectacles for computer use but still You are not a technical expert of eyeglasses. Whether online or offline, there are thousands of unbranded stuffs available in the name of computer glasses in India’s optical market. It is commonly observed that unbranded or cheap eye-wear products do not follow any optical regulation. This can be extremely harmful for your eyes. One should avoid hunting for the cheapest material. 
  • Everything has a cost and by using a cheap stuff one is likely to pay the price on the cost of his/her own precious eyes. A widely known phrase in optical world says that it is better not to wear eyeglasses at all instead of wearing something which does not follow any health standard or regulation. A rule of thumb is to stick to branded computer glasses only as they maintain health & safety standards while making the eyeglasses. 
  • Zebriana® is a reputed brand of computer glasses in India. The brand has single focus on computer glasses only. It provides its own products through online mode. Products are decently priced and appropriate for those who spend extended hours in front of digital screens.

Wisely pick computer glasses for kids

Kids are delicate and their eyes too. 

Natural eye lens of the kids is so clear that the blue light goes straight to the retina.

They need something soft and durable. Don’t give them a pair of computer glasses which would break easily or hurt them while they are having fun. There is not much technical here but just a general piece of advice.

  • If they don’t have any refractive error in the eyes, you may give them zero power computer glasses which block blue light which they will wear only in front of digital screens.
  • Once they are done with the homework or video games ask them to remove them. In case they do have a refractive error then probably they will wear them outdoors as well. So caution should be exercised in this case.
  • Give them a pair of computer glasses with acetate frame material. It is soft and skin friendly. You will certainly want to avoid giving them metal frames as they might accidentally get hurt. Although lenses made of glass are rare in present world but still it is important to mention that glass material lenses are not for kids.
Other than wearing eyeglasses – 
  • Kids should be encouraged to play outside at least for a few hours.
  • Staying indoors and playing video games not just obstruct their physical development but also increase the possibility of nearsightedness or myopia. This is a refractive error of the eye in which a person finds it difficult to focus on the distant objects.

Frames of computer glasses for men are usually rectangular

computer glasses for men by Zebriana brand
  • After puberty and due to the effect of testosterone (growth hormone), males develop certain facial features that completely separates them from women in terms of appearance.
  • The jaw becomes heavier, nose bone becomes slightly bigger than earlier age and more noteworthy. These unique features require something that would suit the wearer.
  • Real men can’t even think of wearing girlish frames. Although some people suggest to wear eyeglasses as per the face structure but when it comes to computer glasses for men, a general rule of thumb is to stick to the frame with rectangular front.
  • You will find very few guys who wear round shaped eyeglasses. We don’t know why but women find men unavoidable with rectangular shaped eyeglasses. If you are looking for computer glasses for men then bet on the a product by following the advice provided.

In addition of wearing computer glasses you must also adhere to 20-20-20 rule

There is no single cure for any problem. Although Wearing computer glasses plays a crucial role in preventing digital eye strain but you must equally stick to good visual hygiene. It means don’t work non stop in front of laptop or laptop. 

  • An eye doctor named Dr. Anshel innovated a rule of 20-20-20 under which you should take a pause of at least 20 seconds and look at an object placed 20 feet away from you. Repeat this in every 20 minutes.  Some of you might be thinking how much is 20 feet? Let us give you a rough estimate. If you live in India then the distance from your floor to ceiling would be approximately 10 feet. Just double of this distance is what you should aim for. This is a great exercise which relieves the tired eye muscles.
  • Other than following 20-20-20 golden rule of eye strain relief, you should also blink as much as possible. Did you know that your blink rate goes down drastically when you are in front of digital screens ? Most of the eye related problems start when you blink very less. Natural lube is important for proper eye functioning. You experience discomfort in the eyes when you don’t blink much. Although Zebriana computer glasses have been engineered in such a manner so they don’t let your eyes go dry due to air current.

Amber Lens Filter 400% More Blue Light than Computer glasses with Clear lens

  • Regardless of the claims by various companies, clear lenses block hardly 20% whereas Amber lenses can block up to 100% blue light. It should be noted that block the blue light completely may not be the best thing. Filtering should be done in moderation as some blue light is important for mental alertness as well. So 70% to 80% blocking can be considered as ideal.
  • Some retail stores demonstrate a laser test to prove the blue light blocking capability of the clear lenses. However the fact is that those particular clear lenses are actually UV blockers and the laser torch that appears to emit blue light is actually a UV torch. You learned at the beginning of this article that modern screens do not emit UV light. Hence clear lenses make little or no sense in blocking the harsh blue light.
  • There is absolutely no answer of amber lenses in terms of proving protection against blue light. A research conducted at University of Toledo (USA) has positively concluded that amber lenses block the blue light and improve sleep quality.

Why do PC & Mobile users prefer ZEBRIANA eyeglasses ?

High Screen Usage

Great level of visual comfort allows the wearer to work for longer hours in front of digital screens.

Block Blue Light

Lenses are equipped with amber technology which is known for its anti blue light property.

Eye Strain Relief

The lenses of Zebriana glasses helps retain eye moisture and keep the eyes moist for hours.

One Product Expertise

Our focus is undivided. We are completely dedicated on developing computer glasses that block screen rays.

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