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But before that ask yourself that why do you need computer glasses?

✎ Do you work in front of digital screens like PC, Laptop, Smartphone etc for extended hours?

✎ Do you think your vision is getting blurry and eyes get tired, red & dry while working on computer/ mobile?

✎ Do you want to protect your eyes against the blue light that is emitted from digital screens?

✎ Do you believe that you may be a victim of CVS (Computer Vision Syndrome) ?

If your answer is YES, then this whole article is relevant for you and today you are going to learn the insights that you must keep in mind while purchasing computer glasses in India.

Just like you, other people also who land on this page are usually those who are willing to buy computer glasses in India. Being a part of the Indian optical industry, we observed that most of the buyers don’t usually end up buying the right computer glasses which results in disappointment & monetary loss. The fact of the matter is that most of the Indian customers don’t really know what are computer glasses or whether do any such product even exist. One of the major reasons for this may be the lack of awareness about harmful effects of digital screens & blue light, as the technology itself is a new thing for many.

5 Cool Tips To Consider Before Buying Glasses to Protect Eyes From Computer Screen

Tip# 1) Not all Anti Glare Glasses in India are Computer Glasses 

Yes, this is something that you should tell yourself as good as possible. Isn’t it true that when you visit a local optician to buy glasses for computer, he sells you a pair of eyeglasses with ordinary anti glare lenses? Anti glare or anti reflective lenses are usually meant for visual clarity as they allow most of the light pass through them. Such eyeglasses can be used for other general purposes like book reading, driving etc but computer users need something else that can specifically  block the blue rays that digital screens produce and also improve the visual focus.

Tip# 2) Identify your enemy. It is the blue light of Laptop/ Mobile screen

Oh yes !! You have studied about light and its colors when you were in primary school. By using less technical words, let us tell you that almost all computer, laptop & mobile screens produce a high amount of blue light and your eyes find it difficult to tolerate. Blue light is very harsh. It is so powerful that it scatters more than other colors of the light. Sky also appears blue because blue color of sun rays scatters the most. The concentrated form of blue light is even more harmful than a full spectrum white light. Science says that blue light is even more harmful than UV rays as it penetrates deeper in your eyes and causes damage. So blocking the blue light before it enters into your eyes is important than important. Computer glasses are usually equipped with amber lenses.

Tip# 3) Local opticians in India have less knowledge about Blue Light & PC Glasses

We visited offline opticians of almost all major cities & IT hubs of the country to get a hint about the knowledge & awareness that they have as they serve a bigger portion of the Indian optical market. Needless to say that most of them were not even qualified enough in the field of eyes & vision. Only 2 out of 10 opticians were able to tell about the blue light & its harms but others made such an expression as if they have been asked the way to moon. Hence relying too much on local opticians may not be a good idea.

Tip# 4) Only handful of eCommerce websites in India sell Genuine Computer Glasses

Thousands of glasses for computer come up when we search the term “Computer Glasses India” on Google and interestingly they are priced within range of just INR 200 to INR 800 but Unfortunately such cheap plastic glasses are of no use if they can’t do what a proper computer glass should do. The cost of genuine blue blocking lenses (without frames) itself is higher than INR 1000. Hence it creates a strong doubt on such dubious so-called cheap computer glasses.

Tip# 5) It is silly to ask for UV protection in Computer Glasses. Be wise and ask for a pair of blue light blocking glasses

Many people ask whether any particular computer glasses block the UV rays or not. Well the answer is UV protection is not required in computer glasses. Gone are the days of CRT monitors that used to produce some amount of UV rays. Now almost all modern digital screens do not emit UV rays. All you need is a good pair of blue light blocking glasses (preferably with amber lenses) that can prevent damage to the retina of human eyes. Blue light penetrates deeper than UV rays to the back of the eyes.

What we found in a research ?

In May 2014, our research team conducted an independent survey in which techie-volunteers from Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai participated. We gave them a single page questionnaire just to know what all do they know about visual problems due to digital screens. We were amazed to see the results after compiling the answers from all participants.

➤ 79% participants from Hyderabad & Chennai wrongly admitted that all anti glare glasses are computer glasses.

➤ Majority of the participants from Mumbai & Delhi did not even know whether any such product exists in the market. They thought all eyeglasses are same.

➤ 55% of Bangalore participants wrongly thought that Computer Glasses and Night Driving Glasses are the same.

➤ Only 35% of all the participants knew what the blue light is and how it can harm your eyes.

If your eyesight is normal then you have these 2 options for the lenses

Zero Power Glasses :- We have observed that most of the people who wear computer glasses have normal eyesight but still they protect their eyes against any potential harm from blue light of the computer/ mobile screens by wearing computer glasses. Zero Power Glasses or Non-prescription glasses for computer is the best option for such people. This usually have negligible handling time and are always ready to dispatch.

Magnified computer glasses :-  This is another option that is famous among the computer users. This is an innovative way to bring the focal point of the eyes close to the screen without physically adjusting or leaning forward towards the screen. In this option, usually, +0.25 diopter is added to the computer glasses. Although it is called magnification but in reality, your eye focal point gets closure to the screen and it appears that the screen has become slightly bigger. Before going for magnified computer glasses, one should confirm that his/her eyesight is normal by getting the eyes examined. Please remember that there is a big difference between a healthy eyesight vs not wearing the glasses. Yes, this option can be availed even if you have a normal eyesight. Although this is also true that some people experience temporary disorientation, nausea, mild headache etc during the initial adjustment period of wearing magnified computer glasses.

Anti-reflective coating is good but it is not always the best option

It is improper to believe that “lenses with anti-reflective coating are always the best“. This is actually a partially correct statement. As we have discussed in other posts also that the main objective of anti reflective coating is to provide a better optical experience or to provide maximum clarity. But such an optical issue is usually caused in high index lenses or lenses with low abbe value as they are known for an issue called chromatic aberration and this is not the case with standard CR 39 lenses as they already have a good light transmission property. In simple words, such a coating is not necessary in zero power computer glasses. It may be required in some prescription glasses that have high index value.

If your eyesight is not normal (corrective vision) or you already wear glasses then ..

Single Vision Computer Glasses – This is the most famous type of prescription computer glasses. Unlike bifocal or progressive lenses, the entire lens of such glasses has a single power. This is an appropriate option for those who are either near-sighted or far-sighted. We roughly estimate that almost 95% people below 40 years of age wear single vision computer glasses.

Bifocal Computer Glasses – This option is usually opted by those who want to correct far vision as well as near vision. Means they are both far-sighted and near-sighted. These lenses have dual powers. The upper section of the lens is for distant vision and lower for close vision. Most of the people who wear computer glasses with bifocal lenses are above 40 years of age. This can be cross verified by having a quick look in the prescription letter provided by your eye doctor. If you see Distant Vision & Near Vision sections in the letter then you should go for this option.

Selection of lens type depends on the type of work you do on the computer

Let’s divide the nature of work of the people in two broad segments.

☛ Computer users who execute color sensitive work – This category includes photo editing professionals, graphic designers, surgeons who work digitally. Such users can opt for Zebriana’s computer glasses with clear lenses. Such lenses are thin, do block blue light and is the first choice of graphic designers. No color is applied on these lenses and hence the view through them is completely crystal clear.

☛ Computer users who are either general users or IT professionals – This covers all those users who do not have much color sensitive work. Computer engineers, Software Programmers, Web developers, General computer users etc fit in this category. Such users may demand Zebriana’s computer glasses with amber lenses. This lens type provides an eye soothing effect, improves contrast, blocks blue light and is most preferred by techies around the world. An additional benefit that people enjoy with amber lenses is their ability to improve the screen contrast.

NCBI scientific research report concludes that Amber Lenses Block blue light and also improve sleep.

Although both clear and amber lenses have almost similar functions, selection of lens type strictly depends on the nature of work of the computer user.

What other additional features do computer glasses may have?

Engineering an appropriate pair of computer glasses that is a blend of comfort and protection is a bit complicated method and requires years of expertise in the same line. Sometimes it is necessary to add multiple layers of coating and other features to make the glasses a comprehensive shield.

✓ Scratch Resistant Coating (SRC) – This is a special ultra thin chemical layer applied on the surface of lenses. This is so thin that does not interfere with the lens functionality. Scratch resistant should never be confused with Scratch proof. Nothing in this world cannot be scratched. Even Diamond which is the hardest known substance on the planet earth can be scratched. However, SRC does minimize the probability of any lens from being scratched.

✓ Hard Multi Coating (HMC) – This is a package of various coatings on the surface of the basic lens material. Such lenses are approximately 40% more expensive than ordinary lenses. The package of layers involves Anti reflective coating, Hydrophobic Coating which is also known as Water repellent coating etc. This comprehensive technology makes the lenses even more durable and clarity level is also outstanding.

✓ Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) – Electronic devices such as computer, mobile, laptop etc emit various electromagnetic rays that is not good for our eye health. EMI coating interrupts the electromagnetic rays and provides an additional layer of protection.

CONCLUSION: – The final elixir of this article

1.  Since it is difficult to find genuine computer glasses in India so once should prefer to rely much only on good computer eye wear brands.

2.  Blue-blocking lenses (excluding the price of frames) itself cost around INR 1000. So never fall prey to cheap computer glasses. It will be an absolute wastage of money.

3.  Ordinary Anti Glare Glasses are general purpose products and usually not specifically for computer/ mobile users. However a pair of computer glasses may have an anti glare coating.

4.  Blue light of PC/ Laptop/ Mobile phone screen must be blocked to reduce the symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome.

5.  An ideal pair of computer glasses must enhance the contrast level of the screen objects.

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