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Zebriana® is a registered brand of therapeutic computer glasses. The advanced computer glasses provided by us effectively block high-intensity blue light of digital screens. We proudly tag our brand Zebriana® as the first brand of therapeutic eye-wear in India. The products provided by us are confidently used to prevent many eye-related issues that take place while working in front of the digital screens of Mobile, TV etc. These unique glasses are even more effective than conventional anti-glare glasses available in the optical market. That is the main reason why we have become the most preferred choice of computer users in India and overseas in a very short span of time. Today India has the highest number of internet users after China and about 1 billion mobile phone users. Our country provides the best computer engineers to the developed countries. In fact, our honorable prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi has launched various campaigns like “Digital India” to connect every individual to the internet world. This all sounds excellent but the other side is slightly deplorable as there are some health issues also associated with the digital world. Research says that up to 80% of the computer users struggle with eye disorders like digital eye strain, eye fatigue, blurry vision, computer vision syndrome (CVS) etc. That is where our work starts. Most of our promotion takes place by word of mouth. We thank our customers for all their trust on Zebriana.