Block blue rays & prevent eye strain

Choice of Indian techies

Gone are the days when opticians used to give simple anti glare glasses to a computer user. We have something better for you. The technology used by Zebriana computer glasses is well researched at university level which not just block the blue light but also improve the sleep quality at night.

Frames & lenses provided by Zebriana are manufactured & tested in accordance with FDA health & safety guidelines.

There are two types of lenses that Zebriana provides.

  • Clear Lenses – They are non colored and block the blue light as well.
  • Amber Lenses – They are colored. Made for heavy usage and improve sleep.

It usually takes 1 day in processing and 3 days in transit. Progressive & bifocal glasses may take 2-3 days in processing.

Yes. Shipment details will be shared with you through email/ sms after the consignment is dispatched.

"70% computer users experience eye strain after spending more than 2 hrs in front of digital screens"