Amber Lens Technology

Tested by scientists & trusted by techies

4x more effective than clear blue cut lenses

A problem with clear lenses is that they don’t block much harsh blue light. Even the best blue cut clear lenses can hardly block 1/4th portion of what amber lenses can block. 

Researched At University (USA)

Techies rely more on Amber lenses as they are scientifically proven. In a study conducted at the University of Toledo (USA) it was found that they can actually block a significant amount of blue light

Improves Sleep

Blue light tricks your brain and does not let you sleep at night. Doctors often recommend amber lenses to those who feel sleep issues due to long exposure in blue light.

Improves Screen contrast

Contrast simply tells how different two color shades are. Put it simple, Your eyes & brain apply extra effort to understand low contrast images. Amber lenses have the ability to improve the contrast and your eyes feel great.