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Clear Lens

Amber Lens

Amber Treated Lens

Clear lenses are treated with anti blue light liquid formula for 10 days which builds a strong shield against screen's blue rays. This builds a yellow hue on the lens which is a good sign of strong eye defense system.

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Lens technicals that you may ask for

Zero Power

Best option for those who have normal near vision but want a protective shield between digital screen and the eyes. If you can read the text on screen without power eyeglasses then go for zero power lenses.

Magnified Glasses

This indoor lens option slightly enlarges the screen view and improves near focus. It may take 2-3 days to adapt with this lens power. There are no extra charges even if you go for this option. Only for normal vision.

Rx Glasses

If doctor has prescribed you a lens power to correct your refractive error then we can help. Just provide your prescription while placing the order or also you can email the power details after placing the order.