Lens Types for Computer use

Amber Lens

Amber Lenses

Blue Light Filter - These lenses are widely known to block the high intensity blue light that causes eye-fatigue, blurred vision etc.

Durability - Double strong as compared to ordinary lenses made up of glass material.

High Contrast - Due to its special tint, it provides increased level of ability to see the depth & details of screen objects.

Clarity - Very high level of clarity through the lenses with Abbe Value of approximately 56-58

Purpose - Best for viewing digital screens like PC, Laptop, Mobile etc. Not recommended for outdoor or driving purpose.

Standard - The lenses used as raw material in our glasses are manufactured & tested in accordance to FDA


These lenses have no color coating but significantly block the blue light and electromagnetic radiations of the screen. Have an excellent abbe value of around 60-62 which gives a nice clarity of vision and have durable fiber body.

Best choice for those who can not compromise with true colors of the screen objects.

Note:- Graphic designers, Photo & Video editing professionals etc should consider this option but amber lenses is the most loved option by 80% regular computer users.