Testing The Amber Lenses [ Video ]


There are tons of brands that provide computer glasses with clear lenses and claim to block even 100% blue light. Interestingly no brand shows the light sensor test. On the other hand modern techies are showing interest on amber lenses in order to get better blue light protection. So our research team tested both lens types i.e Clear Lenses & Amber Lenses under light sensor to bring more transparency about the same.


To understand which lens type is more effective in terms of blocking the blue light.

Objects Used

Desktop,  Smartphone Mobile, Electronic Light Sensor, Eyeglasses with Clear lens (anti blue),  Amber lenses (anti blue).


We wanted to observe only the blue light emitting from the mobile phone. First of all we made the room completely dark so that the ambient light does not reach the light sensor. Then we brought the mobile screen in front of light sensor which was connected to the Desktop. Light sensor detected RGB (Red-Green-Blue) indicators.
Then we placed amber lenses between light sensor and mobile screen. It was noticed that Blue color faded significantly in RGB panel on desktop.

Then we tried the same with clear blue cut lenses but no significant change was noticed in Blue indicator and it barely faded.


Amber lenses block more than 95% blue light compared to clear blue cut lenses. This is an ideal solution for those who spend long hours in front of digital screens and want to reduce blue light exposure in a significant manner.