Computer Glasses - Penta Model - High Usage Blue Blocker - Amber Lens

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  • Prevents eye strain
  • Prevents eye dryness
  • Light weight frames
  • Blocks 4x blue light
  • Acetate frame material

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Additional information

Weight 18 g
Lens Type

Amber Lens

Frame Size


Frame Material

Durable Acetate

Frame Color


9 reviews for Computer Glasses – Penta Model

  1. Selva M

    I have been using progressive glasses made by Zebriana since 4 years. Making time for Progressive glasses is 2-3 days. Try to shorten it more. No complains otherwise. Only praisea and compliments for you entire support team.

  2. manvinder dhillon

    Best blue lights blocking Glasses. I specially wear this glasses about two hours before going to bed.
    Help to relax the eyes. Highly recommended.

  3. puran chand agarwal

    I bought these for my son as he had complained of eye strain but the optician said there was no need for glasses. At first he was very skeptical but he is now using them regularly. Definitely worth the money. He thought the screen was a little yellow but has got used to it and the benefits outweigh the yellow screen.

  4. Dheeraj Das

    They look cooler than other normal spectaclea. Satisfied.

  5. Ashwin sethi

    Durability looks promising. I wear them all the time.

  6. Mukul Ranjan

    They absolutely work. I am on a laptop for school work at all hours of the night and Zebriana is my Shield. I Love that they also come with a case. This is definitely a great buy!

  7. Devanandha V

    I have been using Zebriana Glasses in front of the computer for few hours (using 3 screens) and I can already tell the difference!πŸ˜‚
    My eyes don’t seem to be tired nor itchy. So they are working I guess. πŸ™‚

  8. Manjunath Goswami

    Good design and definitely a product worth using for eye protection. Give more offers so I can give u 5 stars

  9. Hussain

    My eyes used to get tired , blurred everytime I used to be on my mobile. I visited a renowned eye doctor of our area and he told me that I’m getting these eye floaters in eyes due to which my eyes are always tired and vision is blurred. He recommended an eye operation. One day from nowhere I got this Zebriana ad on my computer and I ordered computer glasses. Trust me guys, my eyes are absolutely fine now. This is my story, your story could be different, just trust your intuition always first.

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Science Confirms Efficacy Of Amber Lens Technology

Study conducted at University of Toledo (USA) concluded that Amber lenses significantly block the Blue light and also improve sleep quality. Research is published on NCBI official website

These eyeglasses help relieve the digital eye strain. They are equipped with special amber lenses and filter out the harsh light which Mobile & PC screen emit.

Answer is lens treatment to enhance the protection level. The lenses are treated with superior grade anti blue light liquid. This treatment turns the lenses yellow and builds a strong shield on the lens surface that does not allow blue light to pass through.

It normally takes 1 day in processing and approx 3 days in transit. This varies from location to location. So you can expect a week as total time to get the product.

You can mention the lens power in checkout page. Alternatively you simply place the order first and send the prescription through whatsapp 9810657929 or email

Your order remains protected under 60 days warranty

Yes, the item is returnable and you will get 100% refund in case you are not satisfied with the product. However progressive & single vision power glasses can not be returned. Although issues shall be fixed with such power glasses (if any).

βœ“ Improve Focus

βœ“ Block Blue Light

βœ“ No Eye Strain

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