Computer Glasses -Buy Computer Glasses With 4x Blue Light Filtering – Captain Model - Blue Blocker - Amber Lens

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Additional information

Weight 20 g
Frame Color


Frame Material


Lens Features

Anti blue Light, Anti electromagnetic rays, Anti Reflective, Anti UV, Impact Resistant, Scratch resistant, Water Repellent

Frame Size

Standard- Suitable for Adults

Lens Material

Colombian Resin

Free Accessories

Carry Case, Micro Fiber Cloth

21 reviews for Buy Computer Glasses With 4x Blue Light Filtering – Captain Model

  1. Luv Marwah

    Techies like me are usually more active in evening and night. Put more product specialists in night shift. Your chat support was not available late in night when i wanted to buy. Ordered and received the product anyway. I was fine.

  2. Harish Dwivedi

    You took 6 days to deliver from Delhi to Lucknow. Product is good but you need to work on Faster delivery

  3. Raman Solan

    The glasses are very comforting
    you just have to get used to the yellow

  4. Arun Matthew

    I bought the glasses for my son because he worked a lot on the screen during the exam time. Before that, he often had watery and tired eyes. Everything is as good as gone with these glasses, he wears them so well because they look chic.

  5. Varun M Rastogi

    They do a good job of reducing blue light fatigue when I work online and go to school.

  6. Pramod Kukreti

    The contrast becomes higher and better. I am someone who not only sits 9 hours of work in front of the screens, but also 3-4 hours in the evening at home. These glasses provide good eye protection that someone with such high usage will need

  7. Ramesh Sachidanand

    My eyes are not so tired and I know they are protected from the blue light. I’m being careful as I have the beginnings of AMD

  8. Mohan kumaran

    अच्छे ब्लू लाइट ब्लॉकिंग ग्लास हैं। अब मैं घंटों तक आराम से काम कर सकता हूं। 👍

  9. Rohit kumar

    Very well solve the purpose.
    I can feel the difference now. Nice glasses

  10. Anil Chauhan

    Delivery was slow to my village but a nice product. Captain model suits my budget and helps with my eyestrain also.

  11. Shrihari Sampathkumaran

    Nice product…These Amber lenses by ZEBRIANA really increases the screen contrast and comforts eyes .

  12. Manoj Pal

    I have been buying these amber glasses from Zebriana since 2018 and quite happy.

  13. Suresh panda

    Highly recommended product.

  14. Marlin Burke

    Thanks Zebriana I have received my product.. I am giving a 5 star rating for your services and product. Received glasses just in 2 weeks from India to England.
    Thanks again. Love from UK…😊

  15. Anjali


  16. Kartik Shankar

    Thanks I have received my glasses today and are quite effective. Good cheap option to save eyes from this artificial blue light.

  17. Naitik sharma

    My eyes are happy now. Without getting worried about my 👀 now I can concentrate in increasing my productivity.

  18. Deepika Singh

    My eyes used to burn earlier with all these screens. After using these Zebriana glasses my eye strain has been vanished. I am so so thankful to Zebriana.

  19. Tarun Goswami

    I got progressive Amber lenses just for 2685…In the open market normal anti glare progressive glasses are available for not less than 3k. I recommend Zebriana. A happy customer.

  20. Ravi Raj

    I will rate with 7 stars but there is no option for it so giving 5 stars. Good product. I think every person should own a pair. Captain model has nice looks also. Thank You team Zebriana.

  21. Juber Shaikh

    My work is continuously on screen for about 12-14 hrs a day. I was facing eye strain, headache and eye redness problems due to high screen time. After using these glasses, these problems have vanished. Initially it will take little time for eye to be comfortable with these amber lens but no issues after regular use. Due to bigger lens, maximum range of eye movement is covered. I would personally recommend these glasses even for better sleep.

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Mention your lens power in checkout page. Alternatively place the order first and share your prescription on WhatsApp number 9810657929 with order ID.

High usage Amber Lenses technology has been used in all Zebriana computer glasses. They provide 4 times more blue light protection than clear blue cut lenses.

All orders are protected under 60 days warranty against manufacturing defects.

It usually takes 1 day in processing and 3 business days in transit. This may sometimes vary from location to location. So kindly expect 1 week as overall time.


If you are not satisfied with the product then simply return them back within 7 days from the date of delivery and get 100% refund. Kindly note that Rx prescription computer eyeglasses are non returnable, however issues can be fixed (if any).

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