What is Circadian Rhythm ?

Sounds very difficult to pronounce but believe us, it is just a jargon with a simple meaning. It is actually a Latin circadian-rythmsword which means “around day”. In normal words the meaning points toward what a normal human body does through out any particular day of 24 hours. This 24 hours biological process of the human body is driven by a virtual clock of Circadian Rhythm. Now think and answer it to yourself which will make your understand what we meant by this difficult word.

Isn’t it true that

  1. You feel sleepy at night at a certain hour.
  2. Your mind goes into an extremely deep sleep at a precise hour at night.
  3. You wake up in the morning at a certain time.
  4. You go to clean your bowels at an approximate time.
  5. At a certain hour, your body muscles get filled with extreme power but not every hour of the day.

This is all regulated by Circadian Rhythm of our human body. A healthy person should not even unknowingly break this rhythm as this may lead to health related long term problems.

Blue Light can significantly affect the human circadian Rhythm and so your daily routine. This is the reason it is suggested to wear blue light blocking glasses when you are highly exposed to the blue light. Computer/ Mobile phones emit high amount of harsh blue light.