5 Secrets to fight Eye Strain & Dryness caused by PC & Mobile

Fight Eye Strain

Why do we feel eye strain/ dryness ?

  • Focusing constantly on Mobile & Laptop screen without blinking.
  • Air in the atmosphere around you dries the liquid of your eyes.
  • Incorrect prescription or not wearing the eyeglasses even if required.

✓ Blink this much each minute






Just like engine oil of your motorbike , your eyes also have a lubricant which is important for proper functioning of the eyes. 

Blinking helps spread the lubricant on the outer surface of your eyes.

Normal blink rate humans is about 25 blinks per minute.

However when we focus on digital screens of Laptop or Mobile phone, this blink rate goes extremely down to as low as just 5 blinks.

Not blinking the eyes reduces the tear film but when you blink your eyes, it get replenished. So just BLINK BLINK and BLINK.

✓ Look 20 feet away

You actually torture your eyes by focusing on something which is closer.

As a PC/ mobile user, all you need to do is take a short break after every 20 minute, look at something 20 feet away from your eyes for at least 20 seconds.

This trick is also known as 20-20-20 rule which actually gives a convenient distance and time for your eyes to relax. The visual stress gets reduced.

✓ Moist your eyes (Not by Rose water)

Sometimes the eyes get extremely dry and even blinking and resting also does not relieve much.

Then what should be done ?

A good way to moisten your eyes is by using artificial tears. Here it is important to understand that artificial tears does not mean Gulab Jal or Rose water.

Rose water usually does not have much salt content but eyes do have salts. This creates an imbalance and in rare cases corneal damage is also possible if you put tap water or rose water into the eyes.

Most of the good artificial tears have Carboxymethylcellulose Sodium 0.5 % as active ingredient. It relieves dry & irritated eyes.

✓ Complete break for 1 or 2 days

This is called Digital Detoxification.

A person who practices this method refrains from using any digital device for the given period of time which usually lasts from 1 to 2 days.

It is really challenging to avoid the urge of checking whatsapp messages, Emails and facebook, twitter notifications.

However digital detoxification is certainly an effective method if you have severe eye strain.

✓ Wear computer eye glasses with Amber Lens

We can not expect modern techies to avoid using digital screens for long. Their living depends on this. So what to do ?

Computer glasses is the solution.
They have special focusing ability and it provides a great advantage if they have Amber lenses equipped as they also block the high intensity light of the screen.

A research conducted at university of Toledo concluded that Amber lenses not just block the blue light but also improve the sleep quality & overall mood.

Below is the screenshot of the research report on Amber lenses published on the website of National Center for Biotechnology Information.

Source Link : https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/20030543

This is the reason why the interest of modern techies has shifted from traditional glasses to yellow glasses as they provide great level of eye soothing effect.

Computer Glasses by ZEBRIANA

Equipped with amber lens technology which is well researched at university level.  They block 4x light of screens compared to spectacles. Modern techies prefer these to improve work efficiency.

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