People often ask how they can check color blindness. 

Below we have places some images of ishihara plates. You can get an idea about your color perception by looking at the images below:-

What number you see in the circle below ?

Almost 100% chances that you will see the number 12 in the circle above. If someone is saying she can’t see any number in the circle then it is just a lie.

If your vision has Red Green problem then you will see number 3. However it is a number 8.

No No.. this is not number 70. The correct number is 29.

In the image above, the actual number is 45. However if you don’t see any number in this circle then you may be color blind.

In the image above, a person with normal color perception will not see any number. However if you are color blind then the number will appear as 45.

Color indentification problem is color blindness

Inability to identify the actual color of an object is called color blindness. It does not mean that a person suffering from this problem will see everything in Black & White. People who are color blind often find it difficult to identify the color shades.

how color blinds see

Poor functioning of cone cells cause color blindness

Cones are color sensors placed at the back portion of the eye ball. They sense the colors of the light and enable the retina to distinguish them. Apparently when these cones cells don’t function properly, a person faces the problem of color blindness.

Color blinds can still see some colors

The most common type of color blindness is the inability to identify the Red & Green color. It is called Red-green color deficiency. People dealing with such problem can still see yellow & blue color.

Color blindness does not necessarily mean poor eye sight

There is a misbelief among people that people who are color blind don’t have sharp vision or have poor visual acuity. It must be noted that most of the people with color deficiency still have sharp vision. 

However a rare type of color blindness, called Blue cone monochromacy can lead to very poor visual acuity.

NEWS: Govt of India allows people with color deficiency to drive a vehicle

The union ministry of Road & transport has allowed Indian citizens with mild to medium color blindness to drive a vehicle on Indian roads. This decision was backed by the medical experts. Hence one can understand that in most of the cases, colorblindness does not much affect a person’s functioning in his normal day to day life.

facebook's founder is color blind

The heights you achieve in your life don’t get affected by any type of disability. Do you know that the founder of facebook is colorblind and don’t have good color perception of Red and Green. This is the reason why he designed the color of facebook interface as Blue.

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