Are you Mr. Lonely in the digital world of facebook, whatsapp?

Not a century back but just less than 2 decades ago, I used to send handwritten letters to my grand parents living in a small village of Maharashtra. Those were the days when there were no Mobile phones, Internet or Fast courier services.  Needless to mention that communication process was slow but needful to admit that relationships were really strong. People used to wholeheartedly wait for the letters, post cards etc. Communication was expensive but had a great value regardless of the speed. If I was an economist, would have said that social communication was in great demand because there was lack of supply of messages. My name is Manohar Parekh. Currently living in Delhi and working as a freelance blogger. This post may take you back in the flashback for a while but trust me those were the old golden days of life and many of the upcoming kids might not be able to experience the genuine taste of mutual bonding in the present digital society.

What is digital society?

Digital society means a group or groups of people who are using or connected or communicating through digital devices like PC, Laptop or Smartphones etc. This is a progressive society that has evolved with the introduction of internet in our country.

There was a time when nobody knew the meaning of internet, computer or mobile phone. Although computers (of course without internet) were available but only in top departments of selected government offices or in very few private schools.

When surrounded by a crowd

While travelling in trains/ buses, people used to talk to fellow passengers around them. If you have ever traveled in Delhi Metro

Inside view of Delhi Metro that shouts enough about the digital society
An inside view of Delhi Metro that shouts enough about the digital society

Train, might have noticed that people are deeply tangled with their mobile phones & laptops etc. They are least bothered who is sitting next to them. The moment you enter the train coach, you see most of the people chatting on whatsapp, viber, facebook etc while others are busy in playing video games. Interestingly even elders (old or middle aged people) are also not far behind in the digital race.

and what happens on the dinner table ?

It is not uncommon that now every person of the family has a personal smartphone mobile and instead of communicating with our family members we prefer to stay engaged in virtual world of the digital society. The face to face gossip that used to take place earlier on the dinner table has been totally replaced with the introduction of digital gadgets & devices.

Why the selfie feature on mobile phones?

Now people don't find a person who would click pictures. So we have selfie function in mobile phones
Now people don’t find or need a person who would click pictures. So we have selfie function in mobile phones. Thanks to mobile companies.

This is the best supportive evidence of our social isolation. Don’t we even have someone who would click our photographs ? Where are those thousands of twitter followers ? Anyways mobile companies have already given a solution of this problem by adding selfie camera in mobile phones.

Although today we have the power of instant communication and just a single facebook post gets hundreds of reactions but it can be felt that people are still facing loneliness. Cases of depression, anxiety and other psychological problems due to loneliness are already on the rise.