5 Tips to Buy Night Vision Driving Glasses Online in India

Ask yourself that why do you want to buy driving glasses? A quick self contemplation is always important for best decision. Isn’t it ?

We assume that the main reasons why you are planning to buy driving glasses are as following:-

  • You drive car, scooter, motorcycle or any other vehicle a lot during day and night
  • You find it difficult to drive at night due to the bright glare of the headlamps of oncoming vehicles
  • Your precious eyes become the victim of air pollution on roads
  • You want to appear stylish while driving
  • You want to reduce the chances of any possible misfortune while driving due to visual hardship

If your reason falls in any of the above mentioned points, then this article is relevant for you.

Tip #1 Lens clarity is important

You can’t tell this by simply looking or touching the lenses. Clarity of transparent materials is measured in a unit called “Abbe”. The value assigned to it is the Abbe Value. It could be just any number starting from 0 to 100. Abbe value has direct relation with the clarity. Which means higher the value better the clarity and lower the value inferior the clarity. Even the natural lens of your eye also has an abbe value between 45- 50 V.

Generally speaking, the abbe value of the lens of your driving glasses should not be less than 45.

Tip #2 Light weight glasses are preferable

Driving is a sensitive matter which involves lots of mental work as well. Even a minor discomfort can not be welcomed while you are on go and who wants to keep a heavy load on the nose? Needless to say that you would not want to drive for hours with those heavy weighted glasses. Just make sure that the glasses you purchase for driving purpose weigh not more than 50 grams.

Tip #3 Glare reduction capability is the soul of driving glasses

Glare is a dazzling reflection of light but in driving scenario, you usually deal with the glare of oncoming vehicles headlamps at night. This false light which is not actually present causes visual distraction. An ideal pair of night driving glasses must have the glare reduction capability or in other words it should have the thin film of anti reflective coating on the lenses. This functionality is most important in driving glasses.

Tip #4 Anti electromagnetic capability is an additional feature

You must have read in primary school that the Sun produces large amount of specific electromagnetic radiations that are harmful to human eyes. Chronic exposure to radiating sunlight in certain conditions can sometimes lead to discomfort & distraction. Driving glasses with electromagnetic interruption coating may prevent the aforesaid damage.

Tips # 5 Pollution resistant lenses can enhance your driving experience

Does not matter whether you drive in a rural or urban area of India, it is very likely that air pollution will victimize your eyes. Most of the people who drive, do suffer from eye redness and burning sensation in eyes. Especially metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata etc have dangerously dirty level of air pollution. Aside from preventing the pollution particles to enter in your eyes, the lenses do not get impacted due to the external factors while ordinary lenses get damaged when used for outdoor purpose.

Words of Caution:
Spectacles with Yellow Lenses should be avoided for driving

We have observed that many sellers including well known brands are offering glasses with yellow or amber lenses for driving purpose. Let’s admit it harshly that such unscrupulous marketing tactics can lead to life ending fatal results to the wearer while driving. It should be noted that driving is critical action and any color hindrance should not be welcomed.

Federal Trade Commision (FTC) has rightly claimed that “such practices are illegal since yellow lenses
do not perform as claimed”.

Sunglasses Association of America has said it clearly that “So-called night driving glasses are generally amber/ yellow colored eyewear meant to reduce the glare of oncoming headlights. While they may make the driver feel comfortable, they also reduce the wearer’s visibility of the darker portions of the roadway.”

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2 thoughts on “5 Tips to Buy Night Vision Driving Glasses Online in India

  1. I need a night driving glasses which I can use wearing safety helmet as I use to drive two wheeler during night. I am spec user, though, I could not use spec while wearing helmet. please suggest suitable solution.

    1. Please check our shop section. The frames listed have been engineered for comfortable driving experience.


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