Quality of Driving Lenses

Night Driving Clear Lenses made by Zebriana
High clarity ophthalmic driving lenses that is a comprehensive solution for visual needs on road.

  • Extreme Clarity & Sharp Vision

    With a Abbe range of upto 58, our driving lenses are well known to provide extremely high clarity and sharper vision as compared to other ordinary lenses.

  • Glare Reduction Technology

    All driving lenses are well equipped with a unique anti reflective layer to reduce the glare that arises from the headlight of oncoming motor vehicles and street lights

  • Water Repellent

    Water repellent coating has been applied on the surface of the lenses to provide a better view even in rainy season. This preventsthe water to remain on the lenses.

  • Pollution & Dust Resistant

    Most of the damages like scratch, smudges are usually caused by the outdoor dust & pollution. Our special driving lenses prevents any such external impact.