How to get relief in digital eye strain?

Digital eye strain is spreading its wings in India
Digital eye strain is an eye problem which is spreading its wings in India

Just a decade ago people used to caution their children to watch less Television. One of the major reason of the same was that they were more concerned about the eye related health of their children. This is 2016 and more than a decade has already passed since the technology had started entering into every household of India. Whether teenager or elder, everybody is using smartphones and laptops to the fullest. Today it is almost impossible for the people to avoid technological gadgets. These devices have blended with the lifestyle of every common man just like soul & body. It is not at all a matter to get amazed that people are using smartphones in toilet, washroom and bedroom also. This spurt of digital devices usage has filled the pockets of mobile making companies & network providers but has also increased the spread of a health concern called Digital Eye Strain. It is a physiological problem where digital device users start experiencing discomfort in eyes. Person suffering from Digital Eye Strain is likely to experience eye fatigue, eye redness, eye dryness as well. Sometimes this is also a  symptom of Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). In this article you will learn what you can do if you are already victimized by the blue light that emits from Digital screens.

  1. Stop using your Laptop/ Mobile – This is where the problem had started. No rocket science. Take a break.
  2. Wash your eyes with slightly cold & clean water – This is a good way to control the damage and relaxing the eyes.
  3. Enter into a dark room – Eyes become sensitive to the light due to the blue light exposure. Its suggested to stop avoid lights for few hours. You may also take a small nap.
  4. Lay down & put 2-3 drops of rose water into your eyes – Your eyes will bless you for doing this. Really
  5. Sleep for at least 8 hours – What would happen if a woodcutter continuously cuts the woods ? His axe would probably lose the sharpness. A smart woodcutter is the one who rests, sharpens his axe and starts again. This ensures enhanced productivity. So take a sound sleep for at least 8 hours.
  6. Have you heard of 20 20 20 rule ? – Look at an object that is placed at least 20 feet away from your eyes, for 20 seconds in every 20 minutes. This golden rule for computer mobile users is recommended by most of the eye professionals across the globe.
  7. Try some digital detoxification – This is the most powerful way to get maximum relief in digital eyestrain. We have already published a complete article on this that you can read by clicking on this link.
  8. Reduce the screen brightness and increase the font size – This helps a lot. Needless to say much about this. If you have not done it already, must do.
  9. Do some eye yoga – Since the new government came to the power, India has started gaining back its old traditional lost glory of Yoga. Practice it. Also don’t forget to watch the video below that we found on YouTube. It may help your eye-ball to stay in good shape. It is a scientifically proven fact the improper shape of eye-ball also causes blurry vision.

Prevention is always better than cure:- We at Zebriana provide high quality blue light blocking glasses that are very nominal and can be used while working in front of digital screens. This is a powerful tool to prevent digital eye strain.

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Note:- Please contact a qualified eye doctor if you experience any visual discomfort.