Itone Eye Drops Good For Eyes ?

ITONE eye drops uses side effectsITONE eye drops are popular in India. Many customers ask us whether they should use this product to prevent eye dryness or not. Since it is not possible to answer each of them so we thought to write a detailed blog post on the product.

So basically ITONE™ eye drops is a polyherbal Ayurvedic product owned by a Kolkata based company Dey’s Medical Stores (Mfg.) Limited which is currently chaired by Mr. Goutam Dey. 

The company generates about 100 cr revenue out of which 20% is contributed by ITONE eye drops.

Now coming straight to what you are willing to know about the product.


‣Tulsi Patra
‣Pudina Satwa
‣Swet Chandan
‣Saindhava Laban

Company claims that it keeps the eyes cool, lustrous and healthy.

Can ITONE eye drops eliminate the need of eyeglasses ?

Purpose of eyeglasses is to point the light on the right spot of the retina. Such refractive error occurs when the shape of eye ball becomes irregular. The safest known methods to correct the refractive error of the eyes is by wearing eyeglasses. Doctors across the world believe that no eye drop on the earth can fix the shape of the irregular eye ball or is proven to eliminate the need of eyeglasses. The only way to remove the eyeglasses is LASIK surgery which also comes with its own potential risks. Moreover we could not find any claim by the company that says that ITONE eye drops can eliminate the need of eyeglasses.

Does this eye drop leads to burning sensation in the eyes?

Perhaps you are comparing this with another well known product that burns like fire. The answer is No, it does not lead to such a nightmare. 

Then what is the use & benefit of ITONE™ eye drops ? 

It may help in eye dryness, effects of air pollution. This is what is the company claims. Although eyes have a natural mechanism of lubrication but liquid drops are sometimes advised by doctors to artificially keep the eyes moist.

How are the reviews of ITONE eye drops ?

So we checked their amazon store and found that the product has quite decent reviews & rating. As on 27th may 2020, they have a start rating of 4+ which is excellent.

Is there any side effect of using ITONE eye drops?

Ayurvedic products are known to have almost no side effects. However excess of everything is bad. Even if you drink water in wrong manner it may cause problems. Hence one should never exceed the dosage and always follow the advice of eye doctor. Moreover it is suggested to fully consume the product within 30 days of opening the seal. Perhaps this has something to do with preservatives. Some eye doctors also have an opinion that one should not make a habit of using the eye drops (any brand) as it may have ill effects.

Are preservatives added in these eye drops?

Almost all eye drops have preservatives which sometimes have effects like eye/ skin irritation. Talking about ITONE eye drops, yes it also has Phenylethyl alcohol IP and Benzalkonium chloride, which are preservatives. An eye doctor is the best person who can tell you whether you should use products with such preservatives.

What is the price and dosage of ITONE eye drops? 

The Indian product seems quite budget friendly and 10 ml dropper costs about Rs 45. It is recommended by the company that one can use the eye drops twice a day (morning and evening).

As a Mobile & Computer user what are the various measures that I should take for eye protection?

Doctors all over the world suggest to follow 20-20-20 rule. Under this rule, you should look away from the screen and focus for 20 seconds at an object placed 20 feet away and repeat this in every 20 minutes. This cool trick was invented by Dr. Jeff Anshel in the United States. 

Modern techies also wear special eyeglasses which are equipped with Amber lenses. Zebriana is a brand of such eyeglasses that blocks the blue light emitted by Laptop & Mobile screen. You may provide your eyewear prescription to Zebriana and get your favorite pair of computer glasses without getting charged for single vision prescription.

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