🛡️4x stronger defence than any non amber lens

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For PC & Mobile - High Usage

Standard Frame Category


Z Shield SkyMan

Why do mobile laptop users prefer them ?

  • Blocks the screen rays & UV
  • Retains the eye moisture
  • Quickly relieves eye strain
  • Improves night sleep quality

FRAME: Made up of  TR90 material which is extremely durable, very light weight and flexible .
LENS: With high abbe value of 58, Columbia fiber is well known to provide a supreme optical clarity.
FRAME SIZE: Medium & Flexible for all head types.
STANDARD: Frame & Lenses are made in accordance with FDA health & safety regulations.
ESTIMATED LIFE: 1 to 2 yrs with gentle handling which means 4-5 times compared to plastic ones.

4,999.00 2,325.00

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  • Free Power

*Chat with us before placing an order for progressive glasses.

Non-color CLEAR LENSES for medium usage can be selected above but for High usage, stick to the AMBER lens type.