🛡️4x stronger defence than any non amber lens

SURPRISE – Rs 152 discount on ultra premium models. Coupon code is ULTRA152 

for PC & Mobile users


Z shield Encode

What makes them different ?

Block the harsh blue light of laptop & mobile screen. Engineered to retain eye moisture and avoid eye dryness. Relieves digital eye strain.

SIZEstandard & adjustable structure. One size fits all.
LIFE estimated average life is 5 years.
ABBE VALUE – lenses have highest abbe value of 58 and provide excellent optics when you stare at the digital screen. 
WEIGHT20 gms each including lenses.

7,999.00 2,650.00

Free delivery/ No extra GST

Delivery : Ultra premium models with zero power can be shipped within few hours. Estimated transit time during COVID-19 is around 4 to 7 days.

Prescription – No extra charges for single vision prescription lenses. Just provide details in checkout page.  Contact support team for progressive lens type.

Replacement/ Exchange Policy – All Zebriana® products are covered under 7 days free replacement & exchange policy with 60 days warranty.