Brigadier Model – Gaming Glasses With Blue Light Filtering - High Usage - Amber Lens

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All our gaming glasses are zero power.


Additional information

Frame Material


Frame Size

Standard- Suitable for Adults

Lens Material


Free Accessories

Micro Fiber Cloth

Lens Features

Anti blue Light, Anti electromagnetic rays, Anti Reflective, Anti UV, Impact Resistant, Scratch resistant, Water Repellent

Lens Power


6 reviews for Brigadier Model – Gaming Glasses With Blue Light Filtering

  1. Reethesh I

    Stylish and comfortable. Service can be faster.

  2. Harinder Naru

    I really feel less fatigue when wearing these glasses while using a computer or mobile phone. You see so in Sepia you can say, real nice :D.

  3. Madhur K

    They’re great! Already the size fits me perfectly, and also suits my husband.
    And the result is amazing because all the details of the graphics are there but without blue light flashing. By using these glasses, we realize how much this blue light that had gone so far unnoticed can damage our eyes.
    You can play without getting tired eyesight.
    I recommend!

  4. Tejinder SIngh G

    I have been a daily MMORPG gamer for about 9 years. I have experienced the blue screens, the headaches, the eyes that sting, the sight that drops. This made me consider these glasses. Its a quality product that comforts my eyes allowing me to pursue my passion.

  5. Rajat Uppal

    light is harmful not only to the eyes but also to the production of melatonin, the sleep hormone. It is therefore a relatively important health tool that you should not hesitate to equip yourself and your loved ones, given the ubiquitous presence of our screens.

  6. Sunil Pillai

    They give u a nice feel especially while playing games on line

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