What are Prescription Computer Glasses?

They are recommended for those including but not limited to computer/ mobile users whose eyes don’t focus light rays on the correct point inside their eyeball. As a result it becomes difficult to view screen objects as the vision gets blurred and sometimes the person experienced eye strain, Headache, Double Vision etc. This inability of the eyes to focus light rays reflected from various objects at refractive-error1a single point within the retina is also known as refractive error. Prescription computer glasses are equipped with special corrective lenses that also have a thin layer to block the high intensity blue light of the digital screens. We at Zebriana, provide such glasses at no additional cost.

Few key types of refractive errors are:-

  1. Myopia – Difficulty to focus on far objects
  2. Hyperopia – Difficulty to focus on near objects
  3. Presbyiopia – Difficulty to focus due to the age related factors
  4. Astigmatism – Difficulty to focus on objects because of the improper shape of the cornea. This makes the light to fall on different points inside the retina.