Night Vision Glasses Are Unsafe For Driving

Night Vision Glasses vs Night Driving Glasses Infographics

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So you are hunting for a pair of eyeglasses that you can wear while driving at night. Perhaps you are sick of that dazzling glare of the oncoming vehicles which really distracts. Some people also look for a suitable eye wear product in order to protect eyes against the foreign dust particles while driving. Interestingly some people expect that those glasses will enable them to see in the dark like red fox animal. That is too much expectation and no it does not work like that.

What causes the glare around headlight of oncoming vehicles?

That spiky glare has less to with the headlight and more to do with your eyes or eyeglasses. When any light beam hits a transparent surface that does not allow it to pass through completely, the left over light gets reflected. Same phenomenon takes place at night when you drive. Your eyes have natural lenses. You experience glare when headlight beam of an oncoming car hits your eye lens. Most of the beam passes through your eye lens and some little portion don’t. This bounces-off the eye surface and glare formation occurs.

Are night vision glasses and driving glasses same?

Although you need night driving glasses but technically when you ask for night vision glasses, you are actually saying give me a pair of eyeglasses that I can wear to see in the dark night. Combat soldiers are usually provided with such eyeglasses. They use thermal imaging technology to capture the infrared light and the objects appear red, blue, and purple. It is not the true view but useful to identify the objects in the range. They are called night vision glasses. Can anyone drive a vehicle by wearing such eyeglasses? No. So it is now established that night vision glasses are not driving glasses. Right?

Then what about driving glasses?

It will be technically correct if you ask for driving glasses. However when you visit an optical store and ask for driving glasses, they usually provide you a pair of yellow tinted glasses. Many eye care professionals do this and in fact some amazon sellers also provide yellow eyeglasses in the name of night driving glasses. 

Why do eye care professionals or some optical retailers advice to wear yellow glasses?

Amber or yellow lenses really have a quality that they can improve the contrast quite well. Even some sharpshooters or snipers also wear such eyeglasses for best contrast. So when someone wears those eyeglasses, he jumps with joy but hold on. Do you know that it may be OK to wear them during day but fatal while driving at night. 

Those colored lenses will hinder the true view. They will block the light which is important for sensitive tasks like driving at night. Moreover the color of traffic signal light may also look distorted which could lead to confusion. This may result in fatality. Wearing colored glasses is equal to wearing sunglasses at night. The phrase night vision sunglasses itself sounds quite weird and don’t make any sense. Isn’t it?

What did researchers conclude ?

JAMA ophthalmology is a medical journal affiliated with American Medical Association that publishes reports of ophthalmology. They conducted a study on the same by using a driving simulator and concluded in report that there was no improvement in pedestrian detection at night by wearing yellow tinted glasses. 

So what are yellow tinted glasses used for ?

Although they are not ideal for driving but they are still very useful for some other purpose. As we mentioned above that eyeglasses with yellow lenses improve the view contrast which makes things look better. Other than that they also block the blue light which is emitted from digital screens of laptop or smartphones. Modern techies wear yellow lenses in their computer glasses to protect eyes against the potential effects of harsh blue light.

Does this mean I have no eye wear option for night driving ? 

No option is never an option. There are eyeglasses that you can wear while driving at night and they provide protection against the dust & foreign particles. Zebriana brand does provide eyeglasses that can be worn during day and night driving. They are equipped with multiple layers of coating. AR coating allows maximum light to pass through the lenses. Two wheeler riders usually face a problem during rainy season that water marks or smudges appear on their normal spectacle lens surface. Not just water, even dust particles also get repelled when you wear Zebriana® night driving glasses.

How can I buy Zebriana driving glasses?

We have a category of computer glasses wherein the lenses are colored but you just have to shortlist a frame style and ask the chat assistant to enable the option of non colored night driving glasses for that particular frame model.

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