[Tutorial] Myopia Can Be Corrected Or Cured By What ?

What is Myopia ?

I swear, jab science teacher ne samjhaya tha, to kisi student ko samajh nahi aaya. 🤣

woman suffering with myopiaMyopia simply means difficulty in seeing the far objects.

Generally saying, in this condition, a person can easily read books, work on computer or mobile phone without using eyeglasses.

However problem arises when he tries to read the following:

  • the route number written on the bus
  • cricket score on a TV set
  • registration number written at the back of the motorbike

He finds it really hard to focus and experiences blurred vision.
This happens because all those target objects were placed at a far distance. As a result he starts to squint or partially close the eyes to adjust the eye focus.

Myopia is also called Near-sightedness or Short-sightedness.

“Simple si baat hai ki dur ka dhundla dikhta hai lekin paas ka ekdum jhakkas dikhta hai”

What causes Myopia ?

“Hey Prabhu, Mere is kasht ka kya kaaran hai” 😭. Chalo samajhte hain.

Before answering that, isn’t it important to know how a normal eye functions ?
So here is how it works:-

  1. Light starts its travel journey from the source. Like from the Sun or Electric torch
  2. Then the light falls on any object. Like Table or Tree
  3. Then the light reflects back from that object and enters into your eyes.
  4. Once the light has entered your eyes, it has to fall on the retina

If all these 4 steps are done properly without any interruption, you will see everything properly & clearly.
How light behaves in normal eye - diagram

How light behaves in myopia - diagram  

Interesting, so how does the light behave in the eyes of a nearsighted person ?

In case of Myopia, the problem occurs in the 4th step which is mention above.
Although the light enters the eye but it does not fall or focus on the retina.

Ohh, so in case of myopia, where does the light go inside the eyes?
The light which enters the eye fell just few millimeters before the retina and that is the start of vision problem.

Distant objects start to appear blurry to you.

And a cool Doctor says this to you “DostAapko Myopia ho gaya hai” .👨‍⚕️

Some people take Myopia as a set back but the fact is there is nothing much to worry about this problem.


Can myopia be corrected or cured?

Good news about Myopia is that it can easily be corrected without even spending too much money. You learned above that myopia is caused when light-focus falls just few millimeters before the Retina.

fir Kisi scientist ne dimaag lagaya ki, iss light focus ko retina par kaise bheja jaaye

All that is required to fix this problem is by somehow pushing the light focus on the Retina.

Wow, So how can myopia be corrected?

Myopia is a vision error and this error can be corrected by wearing prescription eyeglasses.
Such eyeglasses are equipped with special lenses to shift the focus on the Retina.

In order to do that, the eye doctor uses optical lenses with negative or minus power.

“Scientists & Doctors isko concave lens bhi bolte hain. Ye lens kinaare se mota aur beech se patla hota hai.”

Myopia correction can also be done by using contact lenses. Although it is much safer to wear eyeglasses as compared to contact lenses, as they don’t touch the inner portion of your eyes.

Instead of temporarily correcting, can't we permanently cure myopia ?

Cure word is inappropriate here but what can be done is almost like a cure.

Medical science has taught some ways to almost get rid of nearsightedness or Myopia. One of such effective ways is LASIK surgery. 

In Lasik surgery, the eye surgeon or ophthalmologist uses a medical grade laser and makes some changes in the front layer of the human eye. That front layer of the eye is called Cornea. 

When the Cornea is too curved, it causes light to focus before Retina.

The goal of this LASIK surgery is obviously to shift the focus on the Retina. This process is also known as Corneal restructuring.

You don’t even have to admit yourself in the hospital for this. The whole process of Lasik takes just few minutes (usually less than 30 minutes).

One should note that LASIK surgery does not guarantee that myopia will not come again. It may or may not come back, just like in a normal eye the refractive error changes.

However the nearsightedness or shortsightedness does get cured for a time being and you become spectacle free. Lasik is an expensive surgical method and its cost can go as high as 1 to 2 Lakh Indian Rupees.


Can Eating Carrots Cure Shortsightedness ?

carrots for myopiaCarrots have Vitamin A. So this question can also be rephrased as Can consuming Vitamin-A cure shortsightedness or Myopia ?

The straight answer is No.

In fact no food or eye drop or medicine can cure myopia.

But we were told in school that eating Carrots or Vitamin A rich foods improves eye sight.

Vitamin A for the eyes is like an engine oil for the motorbike. Without engine oil, the motorbike will not function as desired. Once the fault has taken place in your motorbike due to shortage of engine oil then just pouring it will not help at all.

Similarly, Vitamin A is crucial for the eyes and we can’t think of viewing this beautiful world without it. However once the problem has taken place, just consuming Vitamin A will not help especially in case of Myopia.

So even if you eat hundreds of carrots or Plate full of green vegetables, that will not cure or treat your problem even 1%.

Are eye drops effective to cure my distant vision problem ?

So before answering this question, let me ask a simple question.
Do you think an eye drop can reduce the curvature of the front part of the eye (cornea) ?

The answer is a BIG NO. 
As of now, there is no eye drop or medical drug which can help improve the distant vision.

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