Is it necessary to wear mild prescription eyeglasses ?

First of all we believe it is necessary to give a standard statement that you should follow the advice of a qualified eye doctor but as per our own experience, it is optional to wear prescription eyeglasses if your SPH lens power is equal or less than - /+ 0.50 Diopters.

It should be noted that eyes do have a natural ability to focus & adjust. Practically saying, even after wearing the eyeglasses with mild lens power it is almost difficult for your brain to tell the different between 0.25 and 0.00 Diopters.

Secondly, it is very common to get mild variation or erroneous eye test result due to different reasons like :-

  1. Getting the eyes examined empty stomach.
  2. Getting the eyes examined immediately after air pollution exposure.
  3. Getting the eyes examined after working for prolong hours in front of computer/ mobile/ TV etc.
  4. Getting the eyes examined during fever or just after few days of fever.
  5. Getting the eyes examined without taking a good 8-9 hrs sleep.

There are many other reasons also that also may result in variation up to (-/+) 0.50 Diopters. We will not be astonished if you get diagnosed by two different optometrists and result is slightly different every time.

For better understanding, it is just like having a minor change in your body temperature due to various reasons and you decide whether to consume the medicine or not. Some would rush to the doctor or take medicine while other ignore and let their own body system deal with it. We recommend doing eye yoga in this scenario as your eyesight is still close to normal and opting for healthy lifestyle & food habits may improve your eye sight.

If you are facing headache or difficulty in reading or watching objects then you must wear prescription eyeglasses after seeking medical advice from a qualified doctor.