This article is relevant only for those who are experiencing a reduction in the visual quality but do not have any kind of eye disease or undergone eye operation like LASIK and they wish to improve eyesight naturally. If you are already blessed with normal eyesight then also it is very important to maintain the power of seeing the world clearly. Below are the 5 most effective ways that have been practiced by the people around the world to lengthen the natural sharpness of vision. We are confident that you will love it:-

Improve Eyesight Naturally Without Surgery

1) The Conventional Palming Method

One should not underestimate this conventional method to reduce the visual stress and improve eyesight. Palming does relieve the magic by blocking the light to enter into eyes. While doing this exercise one must ensure that the eyeball is not pressed against the palm. Tired eyes can’t see better. The more your eyes rest, the clearer you will see the world. Every optic vein and tissue of the eyes get deeply relaxed by palming method. Like we have mentioned many times on our articles that eyes are like a camera. The picture quality will certainly get poorer if it is overexposed to the light. Softly massaging the eyes in a completely dark room may also be considered as a substitute method of palming.

2) The Eye Movement Exercise

The flexibility of eye muscles is very important. Inflexible eyes can’t focus and refocus properly. People who have crossed 40 years of age are more likely to lose ocular flexibility which results in the problem while switching between near and distant objects. The stiffness of the natural eye lens causes presbyopia or farsightedness. You must be aware of eye movement technique if you have ever attended yoga classes. Yoga teachers usually suggest moving the eyes in Right Left (Horizontal), Up Down (Vertical) and Round (360°) manner. There is no substitute for this exercise. If done correctly and regularly one may regain the flexibility of the eyes to a good extent. The sooner you start the better results you will observe. You may take assistance from any Yoga teacher or just search for some credible videos on youtube about eye yoga.

3) The Miraculous Aamla a.k.a an Indian Gooseberry

This technique is a masterpiece and an ayurvedic proven method to improve the visual quality. Amla has been considered as a Rasayana in the ancient medical system. Here the meaning of the word Rasayana does not mean a Chemical but an essence of Amla fruit that lengthens the lifespan of an organ or the entire human body. Amla is a rich source of vitamin A and not just Vitamin A but it has many other vital nutrients that make it a complete package to improve eyesight naturally. So you must be excited to know what to do with Amla and how to do it?

Here are the simple steps:-

–  Take some dry amlas or Indian gooseberry.

–  Put them in a blender to make a coarse powder (not very fine).

–  Put 1 or 2 tablespoons of amla powder into a bowl filled with clean water.

–  Let the natural nutrition of amla get infused in water overnight.

–  Now carefully filter the amla water with the help of any clean cotton cloth or tea filter.

The magic water is ready to strengthen your eyes. Dip your eyes into that water for few seconds and repeat this for 10 minutes. You may experience a mild tingling but that will go away within few minutes. Doing this regularly not only have positive effects to improve eyesight naturally but may also help to keep many types of eye diseases away.

To ultra supercharge the magic water, one may also use Triphala powder instead of just Amla. Triphala Powder is already a mixture of Amla, Haritki, and Bahera. All those 3 ingredients are so powerful that they can help get rid of most of the eye related problems and improve eyesight naturally at super low cost.

4) Stepping Outdoors to prevent Myopia

Are you Myopic? People who spend most of the time indoors are more likely to experience myopic or nearsightedness issues. Their eyes become habitual of focusing on near objects. Especially those who spend hours in front of the computer or PlayStation experience problem while focusing on distant objects. We know it is very difficult or almost impossible to abstain from computer & mobile phones when the IT revolution is booming but still by bringing a little discipline in life can help you reap great results. There are good chances that stepping outdoors for at least 30 minutes to 1 hour in the morning and evening can reduce your nearsightedness issue to a good extent. If possible one should visit a place that is close to nature, at least once a month. This method will also detoxify all the digital virtual poison that leads to eye related problems.

5) The Great cold Potli Indian method

If you are from India then must be already aware of the meaning of Potli. It simply means a bag which is usually opened/ closed from the neck by a string. You may stuff that little bag with cotton or old fabric and dip it in a cold water. One may also choose to put few pieces of ice inside that bag. Then place that cool-cool Potli on your eyes for 30 seconds and repeat this till you want to experience the soothing effect. This will bring life in your eyes, relieve the optic nerves and tissues.


Do not rush to wear the mild prescription eyeglasses unless you have a poor eyesight. Instead, wear zero power glasses to safeguard your eyes.

All genuine ophthalmologists would admit the fact that it is absolutely not necessary to wear mild prescription glasses. We consider 0.25 and 0.50 SPH in mild category. If an eye examiner has found such a mild error in your eyesight then you just need to relax. Your eyesight is normal or almost normal. Just like medicines, it is the decision of the wearer whether to wear or not wear the prescription eyeglasses. However, if you experience a headache while reading or driving without eyeglasses or have astigmatism (especially if the Cylindrical / CYL value is greater than 0.25 in your prescription) then we strongly advise you to wear prescribed eyeglasses.

The reason for suggesting not to wear mild prescription glasses is to eliminate the chances of dependency on eyeglasses. Moreover, it is seen that some opticians and sometimes even doctors also do insist on wearing eyeglasses even if the error is as little as 0.25 SPH.

If your vision is normal and you want to wear protective eyeglasses to maintain & protect the eye-health while driving or working on computer & mobile then it is completely safe and suggested to wear eyeglasses with zero power. This will not cause any type of eyewear dependency.

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Tips to buy computer eyeglasses in India

Doctors advise a good pair of computer eyeglasses if you spend extended hours in front of computer,laptop, smartphones. Here are few tips before you place an order.