Where to buy Glasses for Computer Programmers in India ?

Zebriana™ Computer Glasses for Programmers

You are reading this article is because either you are a master of computer programming or at least spend hours on computer/ mobile phones. The rigorous programming work that you guys execute has contributed billions of dollars for our country India. For a beginner it takes months and years to learn programming languages like SQL, C#, JAVA, HTML,Dot Net and the amount of time a programmer dedicates while making a program may start from few hours to day, weeks, months to even years depending on the project size but the average time that you software tailors usually spend in front of digital screens is said to be around 7-10 hours.

In this article we will uncover 2 things:-

  1. Possible ways to buy such glasses
  2. Features of an ideal pair of glasses for computer programmers

Where you can buy glasses for computer programmers ?

  1. Offline Indian Market Although in the modern times of rapidly growing e-commerce industry majority of the new generation prefers to buy online still there are some people who would want to go for the offline shopping. There could be multiple reasons for such psychology such as :- Being hesitant to adopt the modern digital payment system, habit of paying by cash only etc. Below are the prominent optical markets located in India’s largest IT hubs.

State/City – Place

Hyderabad – Sultan kodi
Mumbai – Kalbadevi
Pune – Viman Nagar
Delhi – Fatehpuri
Bangalore – Balepat-Chikpat
Gujarat – Gandhi Nagar

Important:- As per our survey, most of the India based local opticians do not know much about the computer glasses for programmers or the bad effects of blue light that computer/mobile devices produce. All they may offer you is an ordinary piece of plastic anti glare glasses. Opting for this option may be slightly uncomfortable as these offline shops in India are usually unorganized, don’t provide an authentic proof of shopping (the invoice) and reluctant offer any after sale service. It takes time to visit a local optical store.

  2. Modern eCommerce Market – This is the most loved & easiest option for the younger generation. In fact small kids of India also know it very well that how easy it is to shop online. After 500 and 1000 currency note ban, even those people are also shifting towards this option who used to shop offline. Most of the online stores in India work on fair business practices. Zebriana™ is a nice brand that makes such computer glasses. lenses of these glasses appear softly yellowish/ orangish in color.

Important:- It is easy to buy online but a bit difficult to find the right manufacturer. Going for the best glasses is the only battle if you go for this option. Don’t worry we have published a well described article about how you can buy an ideal pair of computer glasses in India. If you wish to buy authentic computer glasses that can prevent eyestrain and symptoms of CVS then click on the button provided below.