Gaming Glasses Buying Guide For India’s E-sport Enthusiasts

best gaming glasses zebriana india

Gaming glasses for eye protection is a necessity for those who live gaming, eat gaming, sleep gaming and even dream gaming. If you are just a small time video gamer then you may pick just any pair of spectacles and call them gaming glasses. This article will not be much relevant to you in that case. Ask yourself a question. Am I a gaming freak ? If yes, then go ahead as you will learn a lot about the need of gaming glasses and how you can buy a decent pair of gaming glasses in India. We have a lot of cool information on this topic.

Best gaming glasses for eye strain is what I want. How do I go about it ?

Alright !! 

So 3 important factors involved in taking decision about best gaming glasses to prevent digital eye strain are as follows:-

1) Blue Light Protection – The eyeglasses should be able to block the high intensity blue light of the screen. He gets immersed into gaming world so deep that day and night becomes equal for him. This leads to risk of blue light exposure which can result in problems like insomnia or sleep disorder.

2) High Level Of Comfort – No matter how well your fingers do on the screen but comfort is crucial. This important factor directly impacts the ultimate gaming performance. It can be sub divided into two parts. 

  • Physical comfort – Gaming glasses should sit well in the ears and nose without causing pain or discomfort.
  • Visual comfort – The lens of the gaming glasses should be capable enough to improve the focus. This would result in better visual comfort. 

3) Gamer Style – A doctor does not wear black coat and a lawyer does not wear white lab coat. Similarly, in terms of appearance & design, a gamer prefers an appropriate pair of eyeglasses that is well aligned with what he does. After all it is an important element in his armory and it should look great. Glasses that would make him look like an office clerk would be a turn-off as gaming is a completely different world.

How can we achieve Protection, Comfort & Style at the same time ?

1) Amber Lenses – Gamers usually report sleep related issues. It is a proven fact that blue light impacts the natural sleep-wake cycle of human beings. Gluing eyes on digital screens increases the risk associated with  blue light exposure. Amber lens can resolve this problem to a great extent. E-sport enthusiasts prefer this lens type due to their ability of blocking the blue light. 

Do you know that NCBI has also published a research report on its official website that concludes amber lenses block the blue light and improve sleep quality.

2) Magnified Lenses – You will accept that playing for hours on digital screens causes focus difficulty. Changing the focus from far to near puts extra pressure on the eye muscles. This issue can be resolved by opting for a pair of gaming glasses with magnified lenses. A person usually leans forward towards the screen to focus properly. Magnification can  resolve that issue too. They are usually equipped with +0.25 SPH power. As a general piece of advice, one should always consult an eye doctor before wearing power glasses. Eyes take some time to adjust with magnified gaming glasses. The view through those lenses appears slightly bigger or near. It may sometimes take a few days to adjust with such lenses. If unsure, simply go for zero power glasses. They have no refractive power and still they provide a good eye protection. It is suggested not to wear magnified glasses for outdoor purpose.

3) Straight Temples or Library Temples – A good video game is addictive and immersive. Sound plays an important role in that and Gamers usually wear headphones to listen to high definition sounds. They are usually bigger in size. As compared to skull temples (most common temple type that bends down), library temples are considered better to wear headphones. They are straight and put negligible pressure on the ears or head. They also look stylish, sporty and aligns well with the need of a video gamer.

Can I get prescription gaming glasses ?

Most of the gaming glasses are usually either zero power or magnified. However it is a great idea to add your custom power in the lenses but make you that you have right prescription. Just visit an ophthalmologist for an eye check up. He will provide you an appropriate prescription for your gaming needs.

Where can I buy the best gaming glasses in India ?

Gaming glasses is specialized product. A seller who does not understand real need of a gamer can sell you just any piece of plastic. In India, Zebriana brand provides blue light blocking gaming glasses for less than Rs 2,500. The glasses not just block the harsh light of the screen but also improve the screen contrast & focus. The engineering of the lens keeps the eyes moist to prevent dry eye problem. Overall structure of the temples takes care of the gaming ergonomics to help you perform better while you play.

Can Zebriana gaming glasses be used for normal computer or outdoor use ?

Yes, they can be used for computer use as long as your work is not much color sensitive. If you are a graphic designer then the sepia colored view through the lenses might not be suitable for you. Otherwise it is completely alight to wear the glasses while doing non gaming related tasks as well.

Regarding the outdoor use, yes you can wear them outdoors as well as long as they are zero power or have your prescription incorporated in them. Night driving is strictly not advised after wearing Zebriana gaming glasses.

What are other benefits of wearing Zebriana gaming glasses?

Other than the gamer aesthetic looks, people usually wear them in order to prevent digital eye strain which is caused after playing video games for extended hours of time. These special eyeglasses reduce the visual load on the eye muscles. Some people swear that their headache goes away.

Another great advantage of gaming glasses is that they lock the eye moisture and prevent eye dryness which is a common problem among the video gamers.

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