How To Buy 250% Better Eyeglasses Online In India

Short Summary: You are concerned about frame shapes, frame material, lens types, design, cost and even features. We have covered everything in this article so that you buy the best eyeglasses online in India. Invest your 10 minutes to read this article to improve your eyewear knowledge by multifolds.

Aww this kid in eyeglasses looks so cute. He seems amazed with his new pair of eyeglasses that his dad bought online in India. Perhaps he does not know how inappropriate they are for him technically.

Let’s start the article that will make you an eye wear champ. This is year 2020 and optical industry of India has shifted on the internet platform. Now people prefer to buy eyeglasses online. A technologically literate person no longer goes to the local optician when tons of eye wear options becomes available in a mouse click. The only challenge that arises is which one would look good and which one would actually fulfill the requirement. You will also learn that how some local opticians and retailers sell inappropriate eyeglasses to the consumers.

What are eyeglasses ? A silly question

Ehhh we hate to answer this as we all already know the answer but it actually important to know that pair of eyeglasses is an optical device that is worn in front of eyes to either correct the vision (refractive error) or to protect the eyes against the foreign particles or light rays. It is also called Chashma in Hindi language. Eyeglasses are made of 2 main components. i.e Frame and Lens.

Strange - The inventor is unknown

Nobody knows exactly who invented the eyeglasses. Some say that it was invented in 13th century by a guy named Salvino D’Armate, other sources say that the concept of eyeglasses is ancient and a monk gave it to the mankind. Whoever he was, either he forgot to patent it or there was no concept of patents. Come on, does it really matter who invented it ? If you are a history student then kindly get in touch with a historian. Right now all we can do is thank the mystery man and move forward to guide you about the eyeglasses. Before moving to the next point let us say that without that mystery man this world would have appeared blurry. So thank you mate. A big hug to you.

Which type of eyeglasses should I buy ?

This is often asked by many people but the irony is that the question itself is invalid. There is no such thing as a ‘type of eyeglasses’. Buying a pair of eyeglasses is similar to assembling computer parts like Monitor, Motherboard, Hard Disk etc. So if we ask, is there a type of computer? No. There are types of parts which have various capacities & qualities. For eye glasses, there could of a type of frame style, frame material, lens type, lens material but there is no such thing as type of eyeglasses. Now the type of parts and more precisely the lens which is the heart of every pair of eyeglasses plays an important role. 

We are aware that you are willing to know that what are the various points that you should keep in mind while buying eyeglasses online in India. So first of all you have to understand your exact requirement. 

  • eyeglasses for computer protection
  • eyeglasses for driving purpose
  • eyeglasses for general purpose
  • eyeglasses for reading books

Most probably you would want to solve all purposes with just one pair of eyeglasses. Is that correct ? That is possible to some extent with certain lens types but that will certainly deprive you from certain important advantages of a dedicated lens type. Let take an example to understand this:-

Sachin wants to buy a pair of eyeglasses that would fulfill all four purposes mentioned above. He is advised to buy a pair of non colored blue light blocking glasses. Although the advice seems legit because blue light blocking glasses can be used for driving, computer use, reading books and any other general purpose also. They have anti glare coating too but the only problem with non colored blue blocking glasses is that they reduce hardly 20% of blue light of the screen. On the other hand if he goes for a dedicated pair of computer eyeglasses with amber lenses (yellow) he can block upto 70% to 100% blue light of the screen. Those lenses can be used for reading books and day driving also but not for night driving as they are colored.

A good way to tackle this challenge is by having two separate pairs of eyeglasses. One for computer use and other for night driving/ general purpose etc. Keep the computer eyeglasses on your workstation and wear them whenever required.

Which are the best eyeglasses frames for men ?

We will be talking about the frame shape here. If you ask a so called Guru on YouTube, he will confuse you with so many questions & advice. He will ask about your face shape. Whether it is round, pitcher, oval, heart, diamond etc. Hey !! Stop that crap. Heart? Diamond? Are we playing cards here ? Those are just unnecessary questions. Although there is no hard and fast rule about the shape of frames for men but after spending years in eye wear industry, we observed that Men usually prefer eyeglasses with a rectangular front or with sharp edges for a great reason. A round shaped frame might not suit everyone but rectangular frames have a specialty that it looks great on almost every one. If you are a man and want to buy eyeglasses online in India but confused about the frame shape then simply go for a rectangular one. You will look classy for sure. 

One thing we have observed is that rectangular frames are always low in stock due to high demand and round frames are usually high in stock due to low demand.

Should I look for Eyeglasses stores near me ?

Running an offline shop is a bit expensive as it has certain fixed costs. The burden ultimately falls on the retail customer. As a consumer you may opt for local stores if you wish to but it is seen that most of the optical stores sell extremely low quality eye wear. We have never seen an offline seller who provides product warranty. On the other hand buying eyeglasses online from a reputed brand is convenient and ensures product warranty as well.

Computer eyeglasses is what I need for eye protection. Can you guide me more about it ?

Amber lenses are the best computer protection eyeglasses. We can bet that no other lens type in optical industry can block more blue light than amber lens type. If you spend long hours in front of digital screens and also find it difficult to sleep at night after working on laptop/ mobile then this is for you.

What is available in the market for computer users?

A computer user gets the option of 3 categories of spectacle lenses.

1) Anti Glare Lenses – They are non colored and do not block the harsh blue light of the screen. They just reduce the glare.

2) Anti Glare Blue Cut Lenses – They are non colored lenses and block a little amount of harsh blue light of the screen. They do have the features of the option# 1.

3) Anti Blue Light Amber Lenses – Theses lenses are the darling of techies and block a lot of blue light. A genuine pair of amber lenses is usually yellowish in color and block up to 70% to even 100% of the blue light.

Techies are more inclined to wear amber lenses are they are scientifically researched at University level. Research report can be checked here

Which frame design should I choose ?

By design we mean art work and not the shape of the spectacle frame. Needless to say that it depends on the choice of each individual but most of the people don’t like to wear the frames that have too much of artwork on them. People find it frivolous when you have stones & gems on the spectacle frames. So if you have long hair then also such frames should be avoided. Such choice may be good for parties but certainly a no no in a professional office environment. Another problem with too fancy frame designs is that sometimes hair get tangled with them. 

Go for a neat, elegant & simple frame design that has little or no artwork. 

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