🛡️4x stronger defence than any non amber lens

Eyeglasses For Programmers & Techies


Hello World Code Was Boring


#include <stdio.h>

int main () {

// Prevent eye strain & block screen rays

// Write more programs by reducing the eye strain

printf (“Programming, Glasses“);

return 0; }


Frequently Asked Questions

Programmers write lengthy codes and spend long hours in front of digital screens.  This not just exposes their eyes in harsh blue rays of screen but also increases the visual fatigue. Needless to say that it results in reduction of over all productivity.

Zebriana glasses block the harsh screen rays, improve focus and also the screen contrast. This significantly reduces the stress on eye muscles. Other than that they also help enhances the focus which results in better productivity. Just like you do some tweaks in the code to run faster, similarly this tweak helps you to see & perform better.

There are 2 types of lenses to computer & mobile users.

  1. Amber Lens (Colored)
  2. Clear Lens (Non Colored)

Clear lenses are for average usage and usually preferred by graphic designers. Being a programmer, you may want to go for Amber lens type.

These lenses are dipped in a unique anti-screen rays liquid solution. This lens type is known to improve the visual contrast. A study conducted at University of Toledo (USA) concluded that Amber lenses not only block the harsh blue light but can also improve sleep quality at night. You can read the study report here :- 

You can find the eyewear models below. Just shortlist a frame style, choose a lens type and add that to cart. Follow a simple process and place the order. We are confident that techies don’t need to be explained much about the technicals of checkout process.

Once your order is placed, it is forwarded to the technical team for processing/ testing. This usually takes approx 1 day. Transit time could be around 2- 3 days.

Yes and there are no extra charges for single vision prescription glasses. Which means if you have either nearsightedness or farsightedness then also you are not required to pay extra charges for the lenses. In case you have both issues together then there may be some extra charges. Get in touch with our product specialists on chat.

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