Googling Free Eye Check Up Near Me is Easy
but remember these tips before eye testing

free eye check up testing near me

You landed on this page because you typed the term related to Eye check up near me or may be Eye testing near me on search engines like Google.  We assume that you are intended to get your eyes checked. It may be your annual routine eye test or you may be experiencing difficulty in viewing the objects around you. Whatever the reason is it is always important to have an eye checkup from a good institute. But hey !! how do you define a good institute  and how can you know who can examine the eyes most accurately ?

✓ Always prefer to visit a qualified ophthalmologist or eye doctor

Needless to mention that an eye doctor is the most competent person who knows almost everything about the technicality of eyes & vision. He knows how exactly the eyes function and respond by various tests. If you are experience vision related problem then it is not always necessary that you are having a refraction error in the eyes. It could be a mild disease or may be atmospheric pollution may have resulted in blurry vision. A qualified doctor can identify what exactly the matter is. The various degrees that an ophthalmologist could hold are Doctor of Medicine (MD), Master of Surgery (MS), Diploma in Ophthalmic Medicine and Surgery (D.O.M.S). Do not take an eye doctor for granted. They do charge a professional fees but it is more than its worth.

✓ Do not always get tempted to get a Free eye checkup

These days many private opticians offer a free eye checkup and some famous companies also provide a free eye checkup at home. It is observed that people do type the term Free Eye Check Up Near Me on Google with an intent of avoiding the doctor’s fees. You should keep in mind that nothing is free in this world. It is a universal truth that there is a price for everything. By avoiding doctor’s fees which is most of the times not more than INR 100 to 200, you certainly pay the price by risking your eye health. It is seen that many opticians in India do write the prescription. Law does not allow an optician to give prescription to anyone. This is illegal and moreover such prescriptions are not medically valid because an optician is not competent enough to test the eyesight. He is permitted to only give the eyeglasses as per the prescription given by the ophthalmologist.

✓ Avoid unqualified quacks who tag themselves as optician or optometrist

Fancy interior & flashy light boards is no guarantee that the person who is examining your eye sight is qualified, competent & knowledgeable. We understand that it may not be practical to ask for the educational degree but still you should remain careful that no incompetent person makes your believe about the position of your eyesight. Most of the genuine optometrists and ophthalmologists do mention their educational qualification in their visiting cards and boards. So you need to open your eyes before you allow someone to check your eyes.

✓ Do not rely much on online eye testing mobile apps & online eye testing web portals

There are certain online eye testing mobile apps that claim to test your eyesight. They can give you only little idea about your vision and make no guarantee of the results accuracy. Every mobile phone has a completely different screen size & clarity so apparently the results that these apps show can not be trusted fully. Moreover distance between your eyes and the mobile screen also plays an important role. Hence it is always best to have a qualified eye care professionals and more precisely a doctor check your eyes.

✓ Computerized eye testing may sound satisfactory but manual testing still rules

It is seen that almost all small and large eye testing centers mention in their light boards that they conduct computerized eye testing. It is good to adapt to the new technology but at the same time one should stick to the basics. The machine is called Auto-Refractometer. Sometimes the computerized eye testing does not give the accurate results or it may be faulty as it is just a computer machine. So it is best to go for manual testing method like refraction test, visual acuity test etc with computerized eye testing. Having just computerized eye testing alone should be considered as incomplete examination. Human involvement & response is important. It gives much better idea of the visual sharpness when the subject responds to the letters mentioned on Snellen chart or LogMAR chart.

Computerized eye testing is good but still you must stick to the basics and get your visual acuity test done by a qualified eye professional. Don't risk your health by avoiding doctor's fees

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Conclusion –  The word “Free sounds attractive but don’t fall prey to unqualified eye-care quacks who claim to provide free eye test at home or shop in order to gain more foot falls in their optical shop. Instead of searching for Free Eye Check Up Near Me, just look for Best Ophthalmologists Near me on Google. If your eyes require a pair of eyeglasses then also consider for Computer Eyeglasses as it is the need of hour.