Why consumer interest is shifting towards amber computer glasses ?

Few year back there were just anti glare glasses available in the name of computer glasses. Now the buyer’s trend in India is changing its direction. People now ask for amber computer glasses instead of ordinary anti glare glasses with clear lenses. Earlier amber technology for computer glasses was being used in selected western countries only but now it is available in India also. Although not every consumer is aware about its merits but the momentum in the shift is significant.

The old Anti Glare Glasses – They were mainly invented to get better clarity but later became more popular among the astronomers for a reason. The reason is simple that anti glare lenses lose less light even at night hence astronomers find it effective to see the stars & planets. In fact the astronomical binoculars are usually equipped with anti glare lenses but practically saying, they are general purpose eyeglasses that can be used for just any purpose.

People are switching away from Anti Glare Glasses to Amber Computer Glasses  

Amber Computer Glasses
Amber computer glasses with blue light blocking function is the new interest of Indian consumers

Consumers are now empowered with information & knowledge. It is observed that consumers that are looking for glasses for computer use, giving more preference to Amber Computer Glasses. The logic behind it is apparently the phenomenal blue light blocking capabilities of the digital devices and also the scientifically proven fact that they improve sleep by letting melatonin sleep hormone to get produced inside the brain to prevent sleep disorders due to blue light effect. Most of the ordinary anti glare glasses are less likely to block the harmful high intensity wavelength of the light. As a result consumers usually feel disappointed with ordinary anti glare glasses.

Amber Computer Glasses are available online

Although this technology is being used in western countries since decades but still a bit difficult to find such glasses in India. After identifying this consumer challenge, we at Zebriana became the pioneer to manufacture & offer amber computer glasses in our country. If you are willing to purchase such glasses to protect your eyes against the harmful effects of digital screens, then you may place your order by clicking on the button below.