Tips to buy computer glasses for photo editing professionals & graphic designers for improved precision and better protection

Let’s begin this article by admitting that you guys are creative and masters of colors & graphics. It is just because of you people this whole digital world looks beautiful. It is almost impossible to even imagine a minute without your efforts. In fact, a website on the internet would appear dull & tedious if it not graphically interactive. It is just because of you any advertising company is able to move ahead. In this article, you will gain some important tips before buying computer glasses for photo editing work.

Is this Your work profile as a photo editing professional ?

We understand that you guys work rigorously day & night on photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw, QuarkXPress etc to make beautiful banners and other artwork. Working on these tools is no easy task. These are highly complicated gearboxes and just one mistake about accuracy may lead to complete project failure or at least wastage of time & energy.

Eyes of Photo editing professionals or graphic designers are more exposed to the blue light

As per our own observation, an average photo editing professional or graphic designer spends at least 8-10 hours in front of computer or laptop. These screens produce a high amount of blue energy visible rays. This artificial light when enters into the eyes and reaches the retina may lead to symptoms of computer vision syndrome like blurry vision, eye dryness, and vision loss etc. It is very common for a person with such nature of work to glue his/her eyes into the screen to bring maximum accuracy to his work. It lowers down the blink rate and the moisture in the eyes gets lost. This is also one of the major reason of eye dryness. Less lubrication means more friction in the eyes which is certainly not a good sign.

4 tips before you buy glasses for photo editing in India

Consider lightweight glasses

Make sure the glasses block the blue light

Make sure the glasses have electromagnetic interference

Go for glasses with clear lenses & anti-reflective coating

Where to buy genuine clear glasses that have all these features?

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computer glasses for graphic designers

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5 myths associated with anti glare glasses

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