A useful guide to buy computer glasses for an IT professional

Who should not read this blog post ?

If your usage in front of digital screens of Desktop, Laptop, Smartphone, TV etc is less than 2 hours a day or if you still work with pen & paper and not by using any means of electronic devices, then it is not much required to read this blog post. In such a case you may even choose not to buy the computer glasses or in better words it is completely optional for you to wear the protective glasses.

Types of lenses for IT professionals

In current scenario of ophthalmic industry, mainly there are two type of lenses for computer users:

Clear Lenses – These are non colored protective lenses that block the harmful blue light of the computer rays. Electromagnetic interference (EMI) and Scratch resistance and Hydrophobic are the key qualities of this lens type.

Amber Lenses – They are colored lenses and are impact resistant. Amber lenses are dipped in a unique anti blue light chemical that makes them foremost choice of IT professionals. The best thing about this lens type is that they have been specially engineered for heavy computer usage.

 3 tips that IT professionals should consider

Daily computer usage – Think about your daily computer usage. If it is less than 5 hours a day then clear lenses should be alright. However if entire day you glue your eyes on the digital screen or at least 6 hours then Amber lenses may turn out as a boon for you. Most of the spectacle wearers experience instant relief in eye strain by Amber lenses. 
Nature of work on computer – Do you execute color sensitive work on the computer ? If yes, then clear lenses are made for you because they block the blue light as well as the true color of the screen does not change. If the nature of your work is not color sensitive then amber lenses should be your first preference.
Visual Acuity of the vision –  Visual  acuity means how clear you can see the letter or symbolsDo you have a normal eyesight ? If yes then go for zero power glasses. Even if you have a Myopia (can see near objects clearly) then also you may go for zero power glasses as your near vision must be perfect. Most of the youngsters under 40 years of age go for zero power glasses only. If doctor has prescribed you a lens power then it is possible to get the prescription computer glasses online for no extra cost at Zebriana®





Who is an IT professional ?


Who is not ? May be the question should be that who is not an IT professional in today’s world ? Any person who has taken special education or is technically skilled or is employed to perform tasks on computer can be termed as an IT professional. Information Technology (IT) professional is a broader term and does not necessarily mean a software programmer who writes thousands of codes in programming languages like C#, JAVA, PHP, Python etc. Even a blogger who expresses his knowledge on a web page or a YouTuber who shoots videos by his DSLR/ Smartphone camera and does video editing or or a BPO/MNC employee who spends hours in front of digital screens also qualifies the criteria of an IT professional. Apparently most of the people and especially the youth that uses information technology in the professional life fall in the aforesaid segment. 

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