Common Questions

  • What are the functions of Zebriana Computer Glasses ?

    Our glasses have primarily 4 main functions

    1. Blue Light Blocking
    2. Glare Reduction
    3. Contrast Enhancement
    4. Sleep Improvement
  • How do these glasses work?

    These glasses are equipped with special amber lenses that do not allow the high energy blue light of computer, mobile phone, laptop etc to enter into your eyes and prevent many eye related new generation problems like Computer Vision Syndrome, Digital Eyestrain, Eye Fatigue, Blurred Vision etc.

  • What is Blue Light ?

    Full spectrum light that we see around us usually appears white in color but interestingly it has multiple colors inside it. The blue color has the shortest wavelength but high frequency. It emits lots of energy and human eyes find it difficult to tolerate the same. Unfortunately, almost all digital screens produce blue light. As per a scientific study, chronic exposure to blue light may cause many problem like sleep disorder, loss of vision, age related macular degeneration (AMD) etc.

  • How do I place my order ?

    We have more than 200 online payment options. Order can be placed by Debit card, Credit Card, Net Banking, Cash Card etc. ( Cash on Delivery is applicable only for Delhi based customers ). Direct Bank Transfer & Cash Deposit can also be opted in special cases.

  • Can you provide prescription/ power glasses?

    Yes. All you need to do is this :-

    1. Choose a frame and place your online order.
    2. Send your prescription details via Email.

    Prescription details should be shared with us within 2 hours of placing the order. Please inform immediately if there is delay in providing the prescription details. Not intimating us means you want glasses with zero power/ plain lenses. Scanned or Camera clicked photo of the prescription letter will be the best but you may share the same in simple text format also.


  • What if I receive a damaged item ?

    Although all our glasses get mechanically & manually inspected before they are placed inside the shipping box. In a very rare case if you receive a defective or damaged item, just email us within 24 hours of delivery at your doorstep and you will be guided about the easy procedure to get the replacement for free.

  • If I buy today, when will I get my glasses ?

    That totally depends on your physical distance from our Delhi based distribution center. If you live in Delhi or nearby States/ cities then you may get the product even within 24 hours but if you reside in South part of India it usually takes 3 days as transit time.
    This is an estimated transit time for zero power glasses. For prescription glasses it takes 1 day as processing time + above mentioned transit time. {Please exclude Sunday and Public Holidays}

  • How do I track my order ?

    Once the glasses are shipped, we will email you the tracking details with Courier Company Name, Tracking URL, Tracking Number etc.

  • Am I eligible for any discount ?

    Discount coupon is mentioned in the product page of our website. Please note that discounts are applicable only when you choose to pay online and not on Cash on Delivery (COD). We may offer you additional discount if you buy atleast 3 pair of computer glasses.