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Why amber glasses for computer users became famous?

All You Wanted To Know About Amber Lenses For Computer Users Amber glasses for computer users or Yellow/ Orange tinted computer glasses have built a new landmark craze among the digital technology enthusiasts. This new lens type has become a popular choice for both basic users and tech freaks. There is a clear paradigm shift […]

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Computer Glasses For Software Engineers & other IT Professionals

A useful guide to buy computer glasses for an IT professional Who should not read this blog post ? If your usage in front of digital screens of Desktop, Laptop, Smartphone, TV etc is less than 2 hours a day or if you still work with pen & paper and not by using any means of […]

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Blue Light Can Accelerate Blindness Suggests UT scientist

Blue Light Can Accelerate Blindness – University of Toledo Research Zebriana™ has been spreading awareness in India against the effects of artificial blue light and Computer Vision Syndrome for the past several years. Another recent scientific study that was conducted at the University of Toledo – United States also gave spine to our opinion by […]

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5 Hot Tips To Buy Computer Glasses Online In India

Buying Computer Glasses Online In India Made Simple For Amateurs Reading time – 8 minutes | Usefulness – Extreme |  Language – Easy I assume that You are from India and have landed on this page to gain some actionable information for buying a nice pair of computer glasses online or offline. You could be […]

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