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What are Blue Cut Anti Glare Lenses ?

BLUE CUT ANTI GLARE LENSES FOR COMPUTER USERS Everything you wanted to know in order to protect your eyes against harsh blue light of computer & smartphones What are Blue Cut Anti Glare Lenses ? As the name itself implies Blue Cut Anti Glare Lenses are special ophthalmic lenses that block or filter the high […]

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5 Myths to avoid if buying Anti Glare Glasses for Laptop Computer Users

Do not let these 5 myths about Anti Glare Glasses for Laptop or Computer users fool you Myth# 1 ) Cheaper the better  ✘ Reality – If you type the search term “Anti Glare Glasses for Laptop” on Google, will see hundreds of cheap anti-glare glasses appearing through e-commerce websites. When we tested such glasses, we found that they are […]

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