Blue Light Can Accelerate Blindness - University of Toledo Research

Zebriana™ has been spreading awareness in India against the effects of artificial blue light and Computer Vision Syndrome for the past several years. Another recent scientific study that was conducted at the University of Toledo – United States also gave spine to our opinion by concluding that the intense blue light is so harmful that it can make a person blind in a speedy manner.

It was found in the said research that Blue light of the Sun & digital screens can produce poisonous chemicals inside the eyes that can transform useful molecules of eyes into cell killers.

Dr. Ajith Karunarathne, assistant professor in the UT Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry also advised to wear eyeglasses that can block the blue light.

Dr. Ajith Karunarathne examined toxic oxygen generation by retinal during blue light exposure
It’s toxic. If you shine blue light on retinal, the retinal kills Photoreceptor cells as the signaling molecule on the membrane dissolves. Photoreceptor cells do not regenerate in the eye. When they’re dead, they’re dead for good

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