400% Better Than Blue Ray Cut Anti Glare Glasses

Digital screens emit high energy blue light that may potentially affect the vision and disrupt sleep wake cycle. In the world of technology we can not think of avoiding mobile & laptop screens for long. So we have something called blue cut lenses. However all these lenses work equally. We have made this guide to help consumers buy the best blue light blocking glasses in India.

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 What are Blue Cut Lenses ?

An optical lens that blocks blue light of the light spectrum can be called as “Blue cut lenses” or “Blue ray cut lenses” or “Blue Light Blocking lenses”. 

As the name itself implies, Blue Cut Anti Glare Lenses are special ophthalmic lenses that are supposed to block or filter out the high intensity blue light which computer & mobile screens emit. This name has wrongly become a synonym of non-colored lenses only. Practically a blue cut lens can be either colored or non colored but the question is which one is the best ? Which lens type can provide you even 400% better protection than simple anti blue light glasses ? You will learn all about it in this article only.

Innovation of this product became important when techies started becoming screen addict. These lenses are incorporated into the ophthalmic frames to provide protection against the blue light wavelength.

Many retailers claim that they block 100% blue light. Is that true?

If they are non-colored (clear lenses), then it is almost impossible for those lenses to block 100% blue light. Retailers do claim their clear lenses block the blue light completely but it is not true. In reality they can hardly block 10% to 20% of the blue light. It is not about the brand but about the material. Clear lens are not made primarily to block the blue light. There is only one lens type that has the ability to block even 100% blue light which has been discussed in the article but first read some important points below.

What is the reality of that blue light laser test which opticians show?

wrong testing of blue cut lenses

We don’t know who invented that test but it is the most inappropriate & misleading way to test the blue cut lenses. We are aware that the laser beam, when pointed over the non colored blue cut lenses, appears to get blocked completely and you feel happy to see that. Hold on, that blue laser actually contains very less amount of blue light and most of it is Violet or Ultra violet (UV) light. We can say that those laser pens are actually Ultra violet (UV) laser pens and not blue light torch. Interestingly, digital screens do not emit ultra violet light. Then why to buy UV blocker lenses ? We have written a detailed article about blue laser test gimmick in a separate post. You can read that by clicking here.

Should I not buy the non-colored blue cut lenses ?

Ummm You may but your buying decision should depend on two key factors:-

1) Your nature of work on computer.

2) Your over all usage on computer. 

It is not wrong to say that those non colored lenses are actually anti UV lenses and block very less blue light. A person who spends less time and executes color sensitive work like graphic designing can go with those non colored lenses but for programmers & normal computer users, there is a different lens which is mentioned in the next point below. Even we at Zebriana® provide those clear UV lenses but we clearly mention on website that those lenses block just 20% blue light. It is on the consumer that which lens type he wants to go for.

If not non-colored blue cut anti glare glasses, then what type of eyeglasses should I purchase ? My usage is more than 8 hours a day in front of digital screens.

Blue Cut Amber LensesSince the screen of Mobile & Laptop emit high energy blue light, we suggest you to go for Zebriana® glasses with Amber Lens type. This is a colored lens type and blocks about 70% of the blue light. Most of the techies including Programmers, Web Developers, Bloggers, YouTubers and Normal computer users usually go for Amber lens type only.

Can we block 100% blue light with Zebriana’s Amber blue light blocking glasses?

Yes, we can block even 100% blue light by applying more chemical on the lens surface. This will make the lenses slightly more darker. We suggest to stick to the moderation amount of 70% because some amount of blue light is required for mental alertness. We stay awake during the day time because of blue light only. Blue light tells our brain that it has to stay awake. Problem arises after sunset. If we work on digital screens just before going to bed, it becomes more likely to experience issues like Insomnia or sleep problem. Looking at the screen from close proximity increases the risk of blue light exposure. Since some amount of blue light is important, it should be blocked in moderation.

What is the scientific research behind Amber lens technology?

National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) has published a scientific research report on its official website that Amber lenses block the blue light & improve sleep quality. The research was conducted at University of Toledo (USA). Research study link can be found here.

On the other hand, there is no scientific study conducted to check the efficacy of non-colored blue cut lenses.

What are the main features of Blue Ray Cut Amber Glasses?

✓ Glare reduction– to reduce the intolerable glare of the screen and enable an eye soothing visual experience.

✓ Blue light blocking – to provide a strong defense against harsh blue light that mobile & laptop screen produce.

✓ Impact resistant – to resist the lens damage against shocks.

✓ Excellent Optics – they have high abbe value and hence provide the best optical clarity by eliminating the chromatic-aberration.

Anti Reflective vs Anti Glare vs Blue Cut Lenses vs Amber Lenses. Which is the best choice?

Anti Glare Lenses and Anti Reflective lenses are synonymous. Unfortunately they do not block blue light and just reduce little bit of glare. Non-colored blue cut lenses block some amount of blue light and also reduce the glare. So if you have to pick one among the two lens types then without any second thought, Blue cut lenses should be your choice. The reason is that Blue Cut Lenses already help reduce the dazzling glare of strong light source to some extent. A pair of eyeglasses equipped with simple anti glare lenses can be considered as an outdated product. Most of the ophthalmic lens manufacturing companies have stopped producing simple anti glare lenses as the consumer base is more inclined towards the latest blue cut technology lenses and is a good choice for modern computer users. 

As already discussed above, the only issue with Anti Glare/ Reflective and Non colored blue Cut Lenses is that they block less or no amount of blue light. 

In terms of blue light blocking of the digital screens, amber lens type is the undisputed champion.

What do blue cut amber lenses have to do with night sleep ?

Science says that not all light is equal. Blue light is important for mental alertness. This short wavelength portion of the light tells your brain that you do not have to sleep at this hour and keeps you awake in day time. Problem arises when you stare at the screen from close proximity at night. This exposes your eyes to the blue light. Not just you feel eye strain but also people find it hard to sleep properly. At night time, the mobile & laptop screen keeps you awake. Some people admit that they can’t understand why they find it difficult to sleep after using mobile & laptop. In scientific terms, your brain stops producing the melatonin sleep hormone which is responsible to make you fall asleep. Blue cut lenses block such high intensity blue light and helps regulating the circadian rhythm also known as sleep-wake cycle.

What about the Amber blue light blocking glasses price & cost?
Generally the blue cut lens (excluding frame) price falls anywhere between INR 1,500 to 2,500 but at Zebriana®, you may order the frames equipped with Blue cut anti glare lenses for computer use priced at around INR 2,325/- (with frame). This price depends on factors like lens material & lens coating etc.

Conclusion : The take away points

  1. Blue cut lenses that are non-colored don’t block more than 20% blue light. This is not about any particular brand but the type of lens itself. Just like a bicycle (of just any brand) can not run as fast as a motorcycle. Hope you got the point.

  2. Don’t fall prey for laser pen gimmicks that emits a light which appears blueish. Those are UV laser pens and not blue light torch.

  3. Wearing eyeglasses with amber lenses provide you the best protection against the blue light. Science has proved it in a study and research report can be read by clicking on the link provided in the article above.

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