🛡️4x stronger defence than any non amber lens


All About Blue Cut Anti Glare Glasses

400% Better Than Simple Blue Ray Cut Anti Glare Lenses 👍Simple guide to learn about computer glasses for blue light protection What are Blue Cut Lenses ?An optical lens that blocks blue light of the light spectrum can be called as “Blue cut lenses” or “Blue ray cut lenses” or “Blue Light Blocking lenses”.  As […]

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How To Buy 250% Better Eyeglasses Online In India

You are concerned about frame shapes, frame material, lens types, design, cost and even features. We have covered everything in this article so that you buy the best eyeglasses online in India. Invest your 10 minutes to read this article to improve your eyewear knowledge by multifolds.

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Are Blue Cut Lenses Right For Indian Techies? Check What Is Correct.

Dark Reality of Non Colored Blue Cut Lenses Blue cut lenses are everywhere in India and you will be shocked to know that roughly 90% of them DO NOT block significant amount of blue light. Perhaps you have also been suggested to wear non-colored blue cut lenses due to your heavy usage of digital screens. […]

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Should you wear Eyeglasses with 0.25 power lenses ?

Sometimes, we are diagnosed with a very low refractive error in our eyes and ophthalmologist/ optometrist prescribe the eyeglasses with a very low strength lens such as minus 0.25. People often ask us whether it is mandatory to have such lens power incorporated in the glasses. Well we will not say that you should not […]

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Anti Glare Glasses For Laptop

MYTHS : Anti Glare Glasses for Computer Users There are tons of Anti-glare glasses available in the market that claim to reduce the glare and provide eye strain relief in front of the computer & while driving too. With improper knowledge, a common issue that is experienced by most of the Anti-glare glasses buyers is […]

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7 Tips For Buying Computer Glasses Online in India

Tips To Buy Computer Glasses Online In India That Block Blue Light Reading time – 8 minutes | Usefulness – Extreme | Language – Easy I assume that You are from India and have landed on this page to gain some actionable information for buying a nice pair of computer glasses online or offline. You […]

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