Benefits – that people experienced

Blue light Prevention

Our glasses with amber technology is widely known for its blue light blocking capabilities. The special filter in the lenses does not allow the high energy blue light to pass through the lenses. This phenomenon provides maximum relief to digital device users who experience the symptoms of Computer vision syndrome. For ex:-blurred vision, dry eyes, eye fatigue, eye redness, headache etc

Improves night sleep

Science says that production of a sleep hormone called Melatonin inside the human brain gets affected with blue light. In easy words, if you expose yourself in blue light of PC, Mobile etc at night, the mental alertness will go up and it will be difficult to sleep. Since our glasses block that culprit blue light, people feel significant improvement in their sleep patterns.

Inexpensive Method

Prevention is far better than cure. People spend millions on treatment & cure when the problem intensifies. Chronic exposure to the blue light may create problems like AMD, Glaucoma, Loss of vision and other retinal diseases. In India, Zebriana’s authentic blue light blocking glasses are available between Rs 2000 – Rs 5000 , which is one of the cheapest methods to prevent the eye problems.