FREE computer glasses + Rs 2000 if any brand can block more blue light than Zebriana® (amber lens)

This will disappoint most of the optical retailers and so called largest eye wear online stores who sell non colored lenses to computer users but we believe consumer awareness is most important.

Can non-colored lenses block 100% blue light of screen ?

Many eye wear companies are selling computer glasses with non-colored lenses by claiming that they block 90% to 100% harmful blue light but the fact is that non-colored lenses can hardly block 20% blue light.

Does Blue laser test prove anything about blue blocking?

wrong testing of blue cut lensesLaser beam should not be used to check the blue blocker computer glasses. The laser which is being used in most of the offline retail shops is actually a UV laser. Those non colored lenses are actually UV protection lenses and not blue blocker. Digital screens of mobile & laptop do not emit UV (Ultra Violet Light). Do not fall prey to such gimmicks.

Which eyewear should you use as a laptop & mobile user?

Blue Cut Amber LensesEyeglasses with yellow amber lenses are the best and scientifically known to block harsh blue light of the screen. Moreover computer & mobile users sometimes find it difficult to sleep at night. It is published on official site of National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) that amber lenses block blue light & improve sleep quality.

Where can I buy Zebriana eyeglasses with amber lenses ?

We at Zebriana® provide genuine computer eyeglasses with yellow amber lenses that block blue light. You can place the order online. Click on the button below to see our products.