Eyewear Tips to Arvind Kejriwal

Arvind Kejriwal Rimless Glasses
Rimless Glasses of Delhi CM Mr. Arvind Kejriwal

It is 20th day of November 2018 and clock is showing 5:30 PM right now. Few hours back a popular hashtag #ArvindKejriwal started trending on twitter. You will agree that this name itself has something which is certainly difficult to ignore. People love this name, People hate this name but they can not ignore this name. When we clicked on the hashtag, news articles from several newspaper websites likes Amar Ujala, ABP, NDTV appeared. It was certainly not a very good news, as somebody had attacked the elected Chief Minister of Delhi by Red chilly powder. In the said unfortunate event the eyeglasses of Arvind Kejriwal got broke. We hope that he is fine and in good health. You must be wondering why we covered this news on our website. The reason is simple. Whether Sweater, Muffler, Slippers, Eyeglasses, Everything that looks ordinary about this special man grabs the attention of the public & social media.

We don’t know much about the mufflers or slippers but since we are into eye-wear niche, hence we will discuss as much as we know about it. In order to initiate our research about his eye-wear, we first of all searched him name on Google image. Several images of the CM came up. By quickly moving our eyeballs, it was very clear that he likes to wear two types of eyewear. One is rectangular and the other one is round shaped. In the earlier days of Anna Hazare Andolan, Mr. Arvind kejriwal used to wear rimless frames with rectangular front. We understand that the selection of frame style is certainly a matter of personal choice but the expert opinion says something else. Round eyewear frames look better on those who have a heart shaped face. With a significant transition from an activist Arvind Kejriwal to Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, the physical appearance of the man has also changed. Hence something that used to look alright earlier may not look same even today.

What eyewear tips would we give to Mr. Arvind Kejriwal ?

Since he is into public life and specially when he is surrounded by the public, he should take care of himself and his eye-wear too. This is not the first instance when he had to face such unfortunate attacks. For better durability, he can wear eye-wear equipped with poly-carbonate lenses. These lenses do not break so easily. Even some bullet proof cars also use Polycarbonate material but the drawback with this lens type is they do not block the harmful strong rays of computer. If he works a lot on computer & mobile phone then blue light blocking glasses made up of Colombian Fiber material would be a perfect choice for him. Colombian Fiber is a also a strong material. Another option is to have two pairs of eyeglasses i.e Polycarbonate for outdoors and Blue light blockers when he is in the office or home. If he goes for blue blockers then it must be full rim frames. We also noticed that his face is oval, hence it is better for him to opt for eyeglasses with rectangular front instead of round ones.