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Meaning of Anti Glare Glasses

Kya computer users ke liye useful hai ya nahi? 🤔

cat wearing anti glare glassesAnti glare glasses reduce the glare.

The lenses of such eyeglasses have a thin outer layer of something called Magnesium fluoride.

These lenses are also known as anti reflective or ARC lenses.

And what is glare ?

It is a form of bright distracting light.

Glare becomes visible when light hits any optical surface but does not completely pass through it and some portion gets reflected back.

Matlab ye samajh lo ki Light ne torch se chalna shuru kiya. Lekin jaise hi saamne ek lens aaya to thodi si light us se takra kar reflect back ho gayi. Aisa hote hi aapko lens par chamkti hui glare nazar aayegi.
Agar 100% light, lens ke aar-paar ho jaati to ye glare bhi nazar nahi aati.

We can say that glare is a result of loss of light.

Regarding the usefulness of anti glare technology for computer & mobile users, you will get to know after understanding this easy tutorial.

Lekin bro, what is the easy science behind glare formation ?

The reason of glare formation is refractive-index.

Arey bhai daro mat is naam se.
Ye scientist log bahot mushkil naam bana dete hain, lekin word ka matlab simple hota hai. 

Refractive index simply means how fast the light travels on any given transparent surface as compared to vacuum.

Look at this table and notice something interesting.

MediumRefractive Index
Plastic Lens1.58
Thin Plastic Lens1.75

Ohh , iska matlab higher the index, slower the speed of light through it.

glare formation due to vehicle headlamp at night

But what happens when light travelling from air passes through a plastic lens ?

That is where problem arises and that is when the glare forms.

Change in medium causes loss of light. That means entire light does not completely enter into the new medium (plastic lens). Some light bounces-off the new medium.

This results in glare.

Ab aaya samajh ki glare kyu form hoti hai ? Science ki baat sabko sikhao.

Ye batao ki, how do anti glare glasses reduce the glare ?

I swear, I will not write that Ph.D waali boring thesis to explain this simple concept.

You learned above that glare forms when medium of the light gets changed.
For ex: When light moves from Air to Plastic lens, you see a glare on plastic lens.

Kisi Scientist ne dimaag lagaya ki ab iss glare ko reduce kaise kiya jaaye ?

Glare is after all a light wave but in a reflected form.

If we can cancel-out the reflected light wave with another light wave, the reflection or glare will disappear.

This second reflected light wave is made with the help of a lens coating.

This easy diagram will make you understand the concept:
light emits from torch hits the CR plastic lens surface light reflects back after hitting the plastic lens surface and glare is formed Anti glare coating creates another reflected light wave to cancel the first reflected light wave. Both reflected light waves cancel each other and glare or reflection gets eliminated
Fact of the matter is that both light waves cancel each other and glare gets eliminated.

This lens coating is known as Anti reflective or Anti glare coating.

Do Anti Glare Specs really work?

Ye question important hai Kyuki theory apni jegeh hai aur reality apni jegeh.

It is good to have anti glare coating on the lens of your eyeglasses but it is not always much required.

Remember this golden rule:

  • Higher the refractive index, more the glare.
  • Lower the refractive index, lesser the glare.

Now even a kid can tell you that it is better to avoid high index lenses as much as possible because they will cause more glare & clarity issues.

To fir kuch local opticians expensive high-index ya thin lenses ko kyu itna promote karte hain? No idea.

So if your lenses have high refractive index then anti glare coating is very much required.

However if your lens power is not that high and your lens thickness is normal (around 1.5 index) then it is optional to have this AR coating.

What I taught you above was all theory but practically it is all a different story.

Frankly speaking, do not over expect from anti glare specs.

Practically, you will not be able to tell the difference between anti glare or non anti glare lenses by just wearing them.

How relevant are Anti glare glasses for Computer users ?

Limited relevance for mobile & computer users.

Eye strain is the most common problem with most of the computer & mobile users.

Glare can cause eye strain but what are the chances? Extremely rare.
Hence just anti glare glasses will hardly help.

Like I explained above, anti glare coating is important for those who wear eyeglasses with high power thin lenses. They are also known as high index lenses.

In most of the other cases, having or not having anti glare glasses will not make much noticeable difference.

Sir ji, computer par kaam karte ho to anti glare glasses pehnoan optician advised my friend many years back.

Those were they days of fresh introduction of 2G network in India. People used to spend limited time in front of digital screens. This is year 2021 and requirements of techies have changed a lot.

Covid-19 pandemic has caused increase in screen time. Each person has his own mobile phone. Moreover, people see the mobile screen from a very close distance.

What is best for Computer & Mobile users?

Modern techies ki eye comfort requirements kuch alag hoti hain

Do you know that there are natural lenses inside your eyes.
They become thick and thin as per the requirement.

When you look close, they become thick.
When you look far, they become thin.

Now, an eye muscle called Ciliary holds those natural lenses.
It requires a great co-ordination between lens & muscle to focus.

When you work for extended hours in front of computer or mobile, this particular muscle contracts and stays in the same position for hours. So it obviously gets tired.

This results in eye strain.

Computer glasses have better focusing ability. By wearing computer glasses you actually outsource the tough job of natural eyes lens to artificial lenses. This relaxes the eye muscles and eye strain gets reduced to a great extent.

Blue light is also a cause of concern for computer users

Computer & Mobile screens emit harsh blue light.

Techies are usually concerned about blue light but unfortunately anti glare coating is not capable to block the blue light.

Hence having a pair of eyeglasses with blue cut lenses customized for your visual comfort would make more sense rather than just anti reflective specs.

Amber lenses are becoming popular among modern techies. They are orange/ yellow in appearance and block great amount of blue light.

Blue Cut Amber LensesIf your eyeglasses have anti glare or anti reflective coating, then consider it as a bonus, however if you will have to break the bank for that coating then it does not make much sense to buy such glasses.

Remember, a blue block computer glass can have anti reflective coating but only anti reflective coated lens can not block the blue light.

You can read a detailed article about computer glasses here

Price & Cost of Anti Glare

In India, a pair of eyeglasses (frame + anti glare lenses) can be bought for as low as INR 200 to as high as Rs 10,000 /-

What you have to keep in mind is that you don’t have to hunt for the lowest and not necessarily have to buy the expensive.

A good quality decent pair of anti glare specs can be bought for around INR 2000.

A buyer should note that not all anti glare lens coatings have same quality & durability. Some are long lasting while the coating of cheap ones can get peeled-off easily even while cleaning the lenses. 

Moreover the lens material can be fragile

Disadvantage of Anti glare lenses

  • Attract dust

    “Why my anti reflective glasses are always dirty“.
    This is a common question asked by many people.

    Lenses with AR coating create a static charge when you rub them with a cleaning cloth.
    This static charge attracts dust like a magnet. Be ready to stay busy cleaning the lenses if you go for this type of coating.

  • Don’t block harsh rays
    People often believe that Anti glare glasses provide protection against harsh or harmful rays.

    However blocking any harsh portion of the light is not the function of Anti glare coating.
    In order to block the harmful UV an additional coating is applied to the lens.

  • Reduce limited amount of glare
    There is no lens that can block entire amount of glare from the lenses.
    Moreover the difference between anti glare coated and non anti glare lenses is extremely difficult to notice after wearing the eyeglasses.

    What actually you observe with anti glare glasses is that the glare is still there but the color has changed. It becomes green or blue but you still present.

Final gyan or conclusion in 3 points

  1. Anti glare coating is important when your lens are high index or thin.
  2. Do not expect 100% removal of glare from your lenses.
  3. Computer users should use blue light blocking lenses instead of just anti glare coated lenses. Amber lenses block the highest amount of harsh blue light and is becoming popular among modern techies.

If you live in India, can order high quality computer glasses from Zebriana brand.
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