5 Myths Busted: Anti Glare Glasses For Laptop

Most of the people have very limited knowledge about anti glare glasses and that too mixed with myths. In this article we have tried to unveil the mis-beliefs.

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anti glare glasses for computer & laptop users
simple anti glare glasses

There are tons of Anti-glare glasses available in the market that claim to reduce the glare and provide eye strain relief in front of the computer & while driving too. With improper knowledge, a common issue that is experienced by most of the Anti-glare glasses buyers is the disappointment and of course financial loss. On the other hand, by equipping yourself with knowledge & information it is possible to get maximum value of each dime you spend.
Before we learn about the myths, it is important to know what is our aim after reading this article. If you already know all the basics about the anti-glare glasses then you may skip this portion and go directly to the Myths written below.

Meaning of Anti Glare Glasses
Understanding its meaning is simple but first of all let us tell you that Anti glare glasses and Anti reflective glasses are synonymous. Glare is a dazzling & annoying appearance of light. The bright light from any light source when hits the surface of spectacle lenses don’t pass through completely and some amount gets reflected back. This phenomenon results in a loss of light and hence creates visibility issues. Anti-glare glasses allow maximum visible light to pass through the lenses for better vision. It should be kept in mind that no anti-glare glasses can provide a 100% glare-free vision.

There are certain myths associated with Anti-glare glasses which we have tried to clarify below for better understanding & reasonable expectation from the product.

Myth# 1 ) Penny priced anti glare glasses will also work well

Reality – If you type the search term “Anti Glare Glasses for Computer” on Google, the search engine will throw a hundreds of cheap anti-glare glasses appearing through e-commerce websites. When we tested such glasses, it was found that they are usually not only cheap by price but also by quality. The anti-glare coating applied to the lenses not only get damaged but sometimes create hindrance when you see the world. Such spurious anti-glare glasses do not follow any trusted manufacturing or health standard and can be bought for a mere amount of Rs 150 – Rs 900. Interestingly, most of them are sourced from some other country. In ophthalmic industry looking for a cheap solution could turn out to be an expensive deal. That does not mean one must buy a very expensive pair of anti-glare glasses. Point is to look for a value buy and not a useless cheap product. It is possible to buy a decent pair around Rs 2500.

Myth# 2) Thin anti glare glasses are always better

Reality -This is just an over-hyped marketing statement. Yes, thin lenses have low weight and opticians do push the thinner ones in order to increase the order amount but a critical concern rises with the clarity. High index lenses are usually lighter in weight than normal but rank lower in terms of Abbe Value. This value is simply a measure of how much light is dispersed. Higher the Abbe Value, Higher the Clarity and Lower the Abbe Value, Lower the Clarity of the anti-glare lenses. One should try to stick to standard CR-39 Lenses as much as possible as they provide excellent visual experience and have the best abbe value of around 58. So what was the purpose of high index anti glare glasses

Myth# 3) Scratch proof anti glare glasses exist

Reality – Can you name a single substance in the universe which is scratch proof ? Were you able to guess it ? Of course not, as there is nothing called as scratch proof. It is just a plain marketing phrase to loot the gullible uninformed people. You will agree that even the hardest material (diamond) on the earth is not 100% safe from scratches. So don’t get carried away with this feature and take buying decision just because a seller has said that the anti-glare glasses are scratch proof. They can’t be scratch proof but being impact-resistant is possible. Handling the eyeglasses gently is the only way to 

Myth# 4) All anti glare glasses are computer glasses

Reality – This is a topic that we have explained in our earlier post as well. This is a common misconception that all anti glare glasses can be used as computer glasses. Well, it takes special qualities for an ocular device to be termed as computer glasses. Ordinary pair of anti-glare glasses in India are usually general purpose products and may not be able to block the high-intensity blue light of your computer/mobile screen. There is no precise definition of computer glasses but they are meant to provide visual relief in front of digital screens by qualifying certain comfort parameters. Typical computer glasses usually have amber lenses. You may want to read a detailed explanation here to know how to buy computer glasses online.

Myth# 5) Anti glare glasses can be cleaned by just any ordinary method

Reality – Most of the anti-glare glasses users tend to clean the dust on the lenses by just any cloth or sometimes with their own shirt-tail. This is a completely wrong way to clean the lenses of anti-glare glasses as it may damage the thin anti reflective coating and round scratches are tend to appear over a period of time. Worst happens when people clean the lenses by ammonia-based liquid solutions. Ammonia is sold as a ‘natural cleaner’ as it is a hydrogen and nitrogen compound but it can actually remove the anti-glare coating from the lenses. If you do not have any lens cleaning solution then do not worry at all. It is not even required to have a lens cleaning solution. just use plain water and never wipe them dry especially when dust is sitting on the lens surface. In case there is oil on the lenses then you may use a mild dish wash liquid to clean them.

What is best for computer & mobile users ?

🔥Method mentioned below is used to avoid eye strain & headache caused by screen.

Techies of India who spend long hours in front of digital screens are more exposed to the harsh blue light. They have much better option than simple anti glare glasses. The best way to combat the problem of digital eye strain caused by screen light is wearing eyeglasses with amber lens type.  Real amber lenses are yellowish in color and computer users love them. Although some opticians do offer non-colored lenses by calling them blue cut lenses but they reduce very less amount of blue light. Always ask for eyeglasses with amber lenses.

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