All You Wanted To Know About Amber Lenses For Computer Users

amber glasses for computer users

Amber glasses for computer users or Yellow/ Orange tinted computer glasses have built a new landmark craze among the digital technology enthusiasts. This new lens type has become a popular choice for both basic users and tech freaks. There is a clear paradigm shift from the regular eyeglasses to amber glasses for computer users. Software programmers, Web developers, Video gamer & Bloggers etc are those who admire this lens type the most. There is something which flared up the popularity of these colored glasses. We will discuss almost everything that we believe makes amber lenses so distinct from other regular blue cut anti-glare lens types.

What is so unique about Amber glasses for computer users?

  1. Reduce the dazzling glare of the digital screen – The glare of digital screens is similar to a fluorescent or LED bulbs. That said, working in front of a laptop or mobile phone is similar to staring at a bright white light bulb. Thankfully these amber glasses for computer users reduce the shiny uncomfortable glare of the digital screens. By the way, did you know that LED bulbs also have huge emissions of blue & ultraviolet rays. Such bulbs certainly save the electricity expenses but the expense for saving the eye health may get increased. So amber glasses can turn-out as a boon in that case also.

  2. Block the harmful portion of the light spectrum – White light is actually made up of various colors. There are certain portions in the light spectrum that have high energy. Scientists call it HEV or High Energy Visible Light. Human eyes find it difficult to tolerate that particular portion of the light. Yes we are signalling towards the blue light. It is very penetrative due to high frequency and short wavelength. Some scientists also believe that this blue portion of the light spectrum is even more penetrative than Ultra-Violet rays. An NCBI report also gave spine to the fact that amber glasses for computer users do block the artificial blue light.

  3. Improve the screen contrast for better detailing – The contrast enhancement ability of amber glasses is so remarkable that they have been a darling of not only techies but even shooters and fighter pilots. This may be due to the culprit blue portion of the light gets eliminated and what remains is soft light that is soothing to the human eyes.

  4. Scientifically proven method to fight the blue light – As stated in the point #1, many scientists from top health research institution like NCBI and University of Toledo have positively concluded that wearing amber glasses is a good way to fight against the harmful effects of the blue light. This is mainly because the blue light changes its characteristics 

  5. Improve sleep at night by regulating brain-hormone – Needless to mention that quality of sleep at night is better than sleep during the day. What may be the reason ? One of the major reason is that we are exposed to sunlight during the day. Sun emits strong blue light that secretly tells our brain that is a day time and body don’t have to sleep. When this same phenomenon takes place at night due to artificial blue light then again the brain gets a false notification through the eyes that is still day time. As a result you feel difficult to sleep at night. Amber lenses work efficiently to prevent night sleep disorders related to digital screens.

  6. Enabled comfortable experience even for extended hours – Many computer users admit that they can work for long hours in front of digital screens after wearing amber glasses. 

How is the visual experience with Amber glasses for computer users?

The moment you bring the orange/ yellow computer glasses between the eyes and digital screens, the objects in the dazzling screen appear significantly sharper ,clearer, softly yellowish, and of-course visually soothing. This is what wearers have observed. In a very rare cases, it takes a little while for the eyes to adapt to the new view but the overall result of this unique lens type has been outstanding.