Month: September 2016

Are you Mr. Lonely in the digital world of facebook, whatsapp?

Not a century back but just less than 2 decades ago, I used to send handwritten letters to my grand parents living in a small village of Maharashtra. Those were the days when there were no Mobile phones, Internet or Fast courier services.  Needless to mention that communication process was slow but needful to admit that relationships were really strong. People […]

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How to get relief in digital eye strain?

Just a decade ago people used to caution their children to watch less Television. One of the major reason of the same was that they were more concerned about the eye related health of their children. This is 2016 and more than a decade has already passed since the technology had started entering into every household […]

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Are traders of the share market at blue light risk ?

SENSEX and NIFTY are once again at 52 weeks high and most probably on the verge of breaking all time high. Today on 1st September 2016, NIFTY touched 8800 mark which clearly signifies that it is certainly an enjoyment period for Dalal Street guys as the main key to make money while trading is to play […]

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